Why to THIS day do the British still not have a Firefly that is Capable of firing APDS?

The Sherman Firefly is Synonymous with the use of the 17pounder APDS shell, Why do the British NOT get one capable of firing it?

Italy gets one for some damn reason, But the Country that created the tank, and INVENTED THE SHELL, cant? Really?

The same kind of Argument goes for the 6 pounders not getting their APCR or APDS shells.

Why do these Synonymous tank’s not get the shells they were fielded with, while other tanks get shells that were created 20-30 years after them, and never was actually used by them?


I mean hell a 6 pounder AT gun knocked out a Jagdpanther from the front with its APDS shell, id love to be able to do that with my Crusader MKIII.

Well they wont let this happen for balance reasons.
Takes a lot more resources to develop a Jagdpanther than it does a Crusader, so we cant have them equal on the battle-field, can we?

The Italian Tippo at 4.7 does not have APDS = UK firefly at 4.7
Italian Vc Sherman which does have APDS is BR 5.0.
At 5.0 UK gets the Challenger which has the 17pounder APDS shell.


I mean, all Gaijin have to do is give the British a Firefly IC Hybrid at 5.0 with APDS. Which is the last Firefly variant missing in the British tree.

Which would be pretty easy to do, it’s basically just the M4 Tipo IC model. Except with no 5th crew and a covered MG port like the other Firefly’s.

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Agreed. - Although - - - - - I must say, it’s not actually needed and it would mean the vehicle would have to go higher in BR.