Why this game is so one sided to asian veichles?

As everyone noticed at this point top tier is basically dominated by russia and china, they have when grouped togheter or even alone if russia a 20km no fly zone in ground rb thanks to pantsir, a extremly capable CAS lineup, overperforming armor with 2050 spall liner technology (no spall at all) and the best of the best helicopters
Now lets be realistic we all know this is some sort of propaganda because we all know how this equipment is performing realistically…
Meanwhile nato tanks have spall modified to 3x underperforming armor and weaker spaa too, how we should deal with that?

Stop flying in straight lines. This can easily be avoided by simply turning randomly to avoid the S1.

That is your problem

but why they always need to have the most op shit? why i have to fly at 5 meters from ground while they can have no fly zone? why their tanks have 2050 spall liner and nato no? why they have last model for helicopter techtree and nato can’t even have proper hellfire with prox fuse for AA? Why can’t we have longbow too?

so im the only person that play top tier?

You don’t have to fly at 5 meters. I can fly my f16 at 5k and still never get shot down by an S1. Russian tanks don’t have a spall liner. NATO tanks have a metal plate separating all their fuel tanks which causes spalling after the fuel tank. Do you not even look at x rays?

in rreality they don’t have spall liners thats sure 100%, im talking about the game where ammo don’t detonate and shell causes no spall inside, Nato tanks in reality btw have spall liners behind those isolating metal plates, the spall inside them should be reduced and not 3x while in russian tanks should be 3x to compensate they use the same fucking composite armor of 1970 for t72 t80, the only fresh thing is the t90…

The “and China” part always makes me laugh

China doesn’t have any of the anti spall benefits which Russia enjoys nor does it enjoy the coded in bias towards fuel explosions.

Use AGM65s to kill the Pantsir then you can make targeted attacks against tanks.

This is a skill issue.

The Pantsir equivalency is what every nation should have at this moment as CAS is currently unbalanced.

Fuel tanks are currently coded to absorb 100% of spalling

Russian tanks happen to have two massive fuel tanks in the front of their tank in two common angles you’d shoot a tank at

Most 10.7+ Russian tanks are coded to only have a ~25% chance to explode if shot in these two fuel tanks meanwhile the round will pass through and lose all spalling

NATO tanks have a metal sheet between the fuel tank and the crew compartment to prevent death from fuel explosion

These sheets should have spall liners modeled behind them as well as behind every screen of armor on the tank

Currently spall liners are not modeled ingame thus leaving NATO tanks at an ahistorical disadvantage

What should be the Russian tank’s biggest weakness is now defacto armor because Gaijin has chosen to not code spall liners

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I’ve had plenty of times where the Russian team is just steamrolled.

20Km is a no fly zone for morons, Nato jets have been dunking on the Pantsir so much that I’ve started bringing the Strela instead. The missiles don’t track very well if you are doing the magical maneuver called not flying in a straight line. It’s good against helicopters, but that’s true for any AA missile carrier.

Apaches didn’t seem to have too much of a problem killing us and staying alive when not piloted by troglodytes.

I’ve had and still do get plenty of matches where nato MBTs just swamp us. They outclass or match Soviet MBTs in a lot of ways. But maybe that’s not a fair anecdote because they were driven by actually decent players.

This, and every post like this, is nothing more than the sniveling cries of frustrated noobs that have a popular excuse to suckle on. Every single word here is a regurgitation of the same moronic slop that one person pukes out, then someone else eats and pukes out, then someone else eats and pukes out.

Get good. I’m tired of these whine posts constructed by players with no self reflection.

If war thunder was biased towards Asian vehicles, Japan would actually be a good tree, and not have a bunch of overtiered planes.

If we are talking about air, both Russia and China lose to the USA at most BRs.