Why there only one T-90

Why only one T-90 as there T-90A, T-90M and T-90MS?


because they have only added one so far


Is there not enough Russian MBTs at top tier or something?


we could always get the indian T-90 in britain and that one T-90 in USA


Where are my other Abrams? Where are my actual combat loadout shells for my Abrams?


no thanks


T-90M will probably come sooner or later with the 2A7. It has an armoured carousel among other things so it’ll be a bit unbalanced if added on it’s own, so be patient.

cuz all the others blew up already


To question is why in ask is feel off to be only one in tech tree as there.
In service

  • From 1992 (T-90)
  • From 2004 (T-90A)
  • From 2016 (T-90M)
  • From 2017 (T-90MS)

How many toptier MBTs do you need for USSR tree? There are already too many.They dont need them right now.Take a look at other trees they dont have as many toptier MBTs.


@DrThraxsGLA get the T-90 first or finish the Tech tree before to demand more vehicule, it would be the first thing to do and to know how Soviet tech tree qui fine now.

Russian tanks at top tier are already unbalanced with all their handholding from gaijin…


Been trending away from that ever since they hardcoded the fuel tanks to explode on T-64/72/80/90s. I think the big reason for Soviet top tier still dominating is just the sheer number of respawns you get, and Pantsir. The tanks on a 1v1 basis aren’t really any better than the SEP or STRV-122s

Cant have that here, would kill to many Russian tanks. Cant have that ya know

Who needs another T-90, just add 3BM59

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Sure i would love to see M829A3 (which SEP in the game can use) i mean if Russians can running around shooting 2010 ammunition why M829A3 which is older than 3BM60 can’t be in the game? Double standard af for me


fake the T-90M will be still sidegrade to T-80BVM as it’s slower and has worse reverse speed while retaining the same weakspots the 2A7 would be the unbalanced one there

most nations either dont even have yet or are just reaching 2000s mbts lol

probably because it’d be busted.

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@Miraz05 @Kingtiez
One top MBT is not enough.

M829A2 is already on Abrams, so we have our accurate combat shells.

Dude, good player playing T-80BVM doesn’t make the tank superior to the obviously superior M1A2 SEP.

@BadOpinionHaver Soviets get no respawns for top tanks.
Equivalent/less non-top BR respawns as USA or Sweden.

2PL 2020, M1A2 SEP 200X, Leopard 2A6 2007, Leclerc S2 & SXXI, at least one of the Challenger 2s, Type 10 2010, Type 99A 2011…
So no, most nations have 2000s & 2010s tanks.