Why there only one T-90

like i said just reaching still in early 2000s in my opinion the difference from early 2000s to about 2014 on is massive especially for nations like America other sep Abrams Britain Germany 2a7, 2a8 ect and i would say France with Germany with the 2022 embt but I exclude these still in development tech demonstrators like Abrams X, kf51 as its useless to talk about them rn and way too recent though I do think challenger 3 should come relatively soon as Britain is way to far behind currently in firepower

Not sure how you get 2007 for the 2a6 but okay
i took some time to google and everything i found said 2001…
and you do Realise that 10 to 15 years are HUGE for tanks right ?

  • im still waiting for armor kits on nato tanks
    Well to be more clear, working ones and not some made up russian bs version that could not stop a spitball because the kgb says so.

10 to 15 years is huge for tanks made by the same country, it means nothing if it’s different countries.
M1A1 AIMV1 IRL is equivalent to T-80BVM IRL.
Guess which one is newer.
In WT AIMV1 sits at a lower BR with its export round because that’s where it belongs.

Also, we know how Kontakt 5 works because NATO tested ammunition against it, & it turns out the Soviets were honest.
& relikt can only be better than it.

can i ask what the us t-90 you are talking about this is the first time im hearing about it

this one randomly popped up in a gas station in lousiana

what the…

aparently got captured near Kharkiv and then brought to the US for testing or something

future us premium i can feel it already


clearly russia invading murica xD

Gaijin has multiple times denied Russian sources.
Chally armor has never been nerfed, I know cause I use them.
They were buffed a few times tho.

right, they take any source if it gives a handout to a certain nation…

and yet chally 2 gunmantlet is still a mess Same for all other nato tanks btw :)
meanwhile russian bs get’s armor/ammo they shouldn’t have.

and always raised in br so the only advantage they might had at any point was gone after that.


Very unlikely, this goes for anything captured from any conflict recently.

All 10 tech trees are “a certain nation” to you…
Soviets have the same breach weakspots, easily verified in the protection analysis.
Sweden has the most armored tanks in WT.
Leopard 2 & Abrams have the highest pen in WT.
Japan has the best thermals in WT.
Britain has the best helicopters.
France has the best CAS.
And Germany & China have the best air superiority.
Weird how the Soviets don’t have the best in any category.

And no, Chally’s relative BRs have been identical since release.

Why are you complaining about Russian ammo when it’s identical to L27A1 & OFL F1 for Britain & France?
Why are you complaining about accurate Russian armor when it’s not even as defended as Strv 122s?

the M829A2 shell in game is not even close to the real life shell,

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M829A2 in WT is accurate to real life.

compare to most of the tank entire hull is weak spot.

just frontal area of UFP while RU have all around the tank and call that most armored tanks? sure it strong because if UFP are strong but that’s it.

Didn’t make any different when you can’t pen what other can’t.

while their entire line up is suck don’t even have SAM

hah? wait wait wait what? I flew that Heli thousands of times and I also flew MI-28NM I can feel that MI-28NM that way better than AH MK.1 in almost every way except Heli hunting have MI-28NM/KA-52 are way easier to use maybe just because AH MK.1 can go toe to toe with Russian Heli does not mean is the best. (unless it get Longbow hellfire then i can give that title to it)

How Soviet Mig-29 inferior to German Mig-29? soviet also have mockup yak 141 China have only F-16 MLU

lack of anti-era ability

France also has better round than OFL F1 to use for Leclerc .

Strv122 have only part that stronger that stronger than any western tank in the game which is only frontal part of UFP the rest are the same while T-80BVM have front that strong also side that covered with ERA and you telling me that Strv122 are most armored?

Cause lighter = superior in WT, and Germany’s Mig-29 is lighter.
T-80BVM’s side ERA didn’t protect it from getting ammo racked 3 times in one match by my HEATFS, just sayin’.

idk what game your playin lol


so what’s your point ? because you killed him 3 times with heat-fs ?

I stopped counting when rounds like dm53 m829a1 didn’t pen the side armor or pen and did nothing
But im sure you are some fanboy or get paid to type that bs


Where are my other Leopards? Where is my actual hull armor for my Leopards?