Why the stigma surrounding people who want a tanks-only mode?

I don’t get why there’s so much pushback to people suggesting a tanks-only mode be added. Everywhere I check there’s always some guy making some snarky comment about how it’s a “skill issue” or people should learn how to deal with CAS. Please read through this.

I would like to make it clear that nobody here is suggesting that the current combined arms mode be outright removed. Instead, people like myself are suggesting that a separate mode be added for tanks-only. I see no good reason against this, as I believe that giving players choices on what they want to play is always good. If you want to play around with planes in ground battles, fine. Suit yourself, but I simply don’t care for it. I’m tired of getting bombed and getting my open-top tank destroyer blown up by rockets. I want a tanks-only mode.

Think about it like this. Currently, there are three different sub-gamemodes for air, ground, and naval. Those being realistic, arcade and simulator. Some people might want gameplay that is as true to life as possible, and so they play simulator. Some people might like to snipe, camp, and play more carefully, so they play realistic. Some people may want fast-paced action, and so they play arcade. These are all choices you are given when playing War Thunder. You are free to play the mode you see fit, according to your own desires.

Suppose the roles were reversed. I know many of you play realistic, but let’s say there weren’t any separate gamemodes. Suppose there was only one gamemode, which is a weird mix of mechanics from across the modes. It has the spotting mechanics of arcade, the camera lock of simulator, and the speed of realistic mode. Would you like it if this was the only mode you could play? A slop consisting of mechanics from different modes mixed together, where nobody is satisfied? And anytime you simply suggested players be given options, you get ridiculed on the forums? Let people play the modes they want, you don’t need to like it, I don’t like yours either, but I fail to see how we can’t go our separate ways. This mentality of “This is the only option you’re being given, everybody else is dealing with it, so should you, take it or leave it.” is just mind-blowing to me.

Sorry for the occasional grammatical mistake, I wrote this in a hurry.

Please use this topic to discuss Tank only mode.

I have nothing against tank-only mode, but I doubt that I will support it. If everyone requests a unique mode and wants it to be included in the game, I honestly believe that the game would break apart into numerous tiny factions, with long wait times for all of them.

Consider this: you are requesting tank-only mode today. Someone will probably advocate for separating modes for World War II and Cold War vehicles tomorrow. Somewhere along the line, players that mostly play in the air are likely to push for bomber-only or fighter-only modes. And I am sure there will be players asking for battleship-only mode, coastal ship-only mode, and so on and so forth. You get the picture.