Why the JAS39A does not get ARH missile?

Only use Skyflash to fight against AIM-120?

Because what would the point be of adding the Gripen C if the Gripen A remained 100% identical to it?

Because Sweden was forced to grind it even though we said this exact thing would happen whilst everyone else got Gripen Cs.

Basically, Gaijin wants to screw minor nations in any way they can.


and that

If I recall correctly, this is not dissimilar to the argument for adding C off the bat for Sweden. Gaijin just said “There’s no difference effectively between them so you can get an A” whilst we highlighted that this would be the eventuality.

Yeah… Sweden could of and should of gotten the Gripen A a lot sooner. Then gotten the C in December with Britain. They created one hell of a mess for themselves and now they are going to have to give Swedish Gripen C soemthing big and good to set it apart (maybe some really good CAS?)

Going to be interesting to see how they dig themselves out of this hole. At least it might net Sweden a win in a few years

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Only “Big good thing” they can give us now is the E or NG.

Which they won’t.

What’s screwing you over about getting quite literally one of the easiest and most dominant planes in top tier, frozen in time?

You get to keep one of the strongest 12.7 planes at 12.7 whilst many of the other inferior 12.7 planes are sent up because of ARH.

Nothing changed about how Rb74(M) spam gripens play and probably the new meta won’t even much reduce the effectiveness of that gameplay anyway.

Sweden isn’t a minor nation, they get a lot of really strong stuff. Right now, literally one of the strongest 11.7 ground lineups and the best 12.7 plane in live server.

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Yeah. If ARH is DOA via extreme multipathing. Then the Gripen A is going to be the meta aircraft at 12.7. Especially if AIm-9Ms ever get buffed.

US, USSR and Germany are considered the “major” nations
Britain an ex-major nation

the other 6 are considered minor nations because of the inconsitant nature of additions. Unless im wrong sweden has gotten what? 2 aircraft in the past 18 months (I think im wrong, not even Sweden is that badly neglected)

edit: was wrong its about 6

When compared to a nation like the US which has gotten 1 new aircraft for every update in the past 2 years totally about 12 ish aircraft

I would rather not get JAS39C as new aircraft
Gaijin could give JAS39C more advanced weapon and equipment in future

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Swedes have been calling for the Gripen C since December. Maybe it could get them in the future, But I guess this is what gaijin has decided to go with

It’d also help if they were consistent on G limits. Gripen struggles to get the G limits it should be pulling, whilst F15 is pulling a good 6 over what it should for structural limits. Really kinda puts into perspective how minor nations are allowed to be “effective enough” instead of “accurately effective”.

Oh and the Bol nerf.

Yeah… Also things like the kinda major R-27ER nerf that might finally be coming. Right as R-27ER is no longer dominating every game with ARH’s arrival. Convenient.


The interesting thing is that all those nations get consistent quantity of stuff, but rarely the same quality as Sweden.

Sweden as 110mm APDS on the reserve tanks, capable of penetrating the KV-1…
One of the best armoured non-jumbo shermans at 3.7 lacking the hull mg port.

Even this dev server, bushmaster III premium at 10.0, rank 7. No apfsds right now but 70mm pen APHE with like 15 grams or whatever filler.

If any major got this quality consistently, anyone with open eyes would call it bias.

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Sweden just made or ordered better shit. You lot tell us we should have built better kit, then we get the better kit and suddenly “Oh no, this is unfair treatment”.

12g no sweat at near max speed just isn’t good enough?

Any gratitude for how the engine thrust was pulled from thin air and is kept high for no reason?

We do, its usually the soviets

The US shouldn’t be neglected from that. The kit they get over performs most minors with the only exception being Abrams, which I would wager is from misuse more than anything. Only major with any claim to possibly being given worse kit than minors consistently is Germany, but only really for air. At worst, German ground is comparable.


Yeah, though they’ve also had things like 10+ IFVs for a lot longer as well. Not always about quantity or quality of what is added but what is actually added. Britain ground the last year or so has felt like a lot of fillers but nothing really… meaningful.

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And if any consistency was held, it would cap out at 14 easily. As that would be inline with the treatment of most other nations.

The engine thrust was not pulled from nowhere, we’ve argued this time and again, I really don’t care to find the papers.