Why the hell is T114 7.7 br?

Can I get a reason yea it shoots fast sure but man ive put 7 rounds into certain tanks its not the fastest tank thats for sure and any calibre machine gun even 7mm kills it easy . 7.3 she was good but now she feels useless right now


7.7 is low, it is a full auto HEAT slinger with more pen (433 mm) that most tanks in this BR can even think of. It should be 8.3, and the same applies to the other full auto HEAT tanks.

Show me how to play it then?

Avoid getting shot and shoot first. I suppose sniping or holding corners would work.

PS: I don’t have the tank, this is just how they mostly kill me so I suppose it could work.

oh really…

ye yeah its ammo works wonders when it takes 3+ rounds to kill anything not a BMP while they just end u with .50 cals or less

well that is the case with almost every heat slinger. The M48A1 also needs 3 to 4 shots to kill most things unless they present a part of their armour you can 1. pen 2. deal fuel or ammo damage to

if you need more than 3 shot to kill anything you need to learn about internals. Ofc sometimes gajin just fs you and you need more but with training 1-3 shots should get you kills on anything you meet.

Just for comparison. The 90mm HEATFS of the Pattons M46,M47 and M48A1 has half as much post pen damage (half as much TNT equivalent) as the filler to damage ratio for HEATFS is fairly liniar until you get past 2Kgs.
So yea the T114 is 7.7 with overall better performance than other US 7.7 tanks.

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now shoot those other tanks you talk about with .50 cals or even smaller guns…and I mean the peeps shootin me sure dont have to master internal compartments design thats for sure (yes I need to learn more but I do know alot more than sqaut diddley)

You are not even half as big, you are faster and you shoot way faster. It is a light tank meant for scouting and flanking, yet it packs more punch than an MBT.

If you get hit in the T114 you are doing sth wrong. It isnot suitable for every map and every playstyle. Almost no tank is.
Also it can resist 50cals with some slight angleing

Yea not against a Light tank. But sorry to tell it to you. Most tanks are not light tanks and you will not kill any non light tank without knowing the internals

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der typical responce der if u get hit your doing it wrong derr derr no kidding mate sure seems after ive emptied my gun which takes 4.5 secs it kinda tells em where I am and yea remember what light guns do to it … No kidding getting shot in it is a bad idea thanks for the help Champ

Again your gun is stronger than that of any 7.7 Medium at 7.7

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I hate to say it… but skill issue. The T114 is a decent tank, that requires basic knowledge of the internals of the enemies to use, as well as good positioning.

Fine then I accept that answer and will just get better or just buy a Vidar

Vidar also requires you to know roof armour, side armour, hull top armour and explosion angles.
it just takes out the spotting and aiming part. Which makes it so OP/Broken

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Oh really it shouldn’t be 7.7?

It should be 8.7, it is grossly undertiered.

You would probably still demand it to be lowered after playing it

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Because it’s premium. It should be 8.0 at the least.

Nah VIDAR is terrible for game at 7.7 its just as fast as T114 dosent die to.50Cals or less and has Thermals so it makes spotting very easy things like this probably shouldnt be 7.7

why do you hate premiums?
Just a question would like to know why