Why the grindy events?

It’s my first topic on the new forum, but let’s get to the point.
We all know the current situation, we currently have two events going on: Dreams Come True (the TOG event) and the Battle of the Atlantic. The Battle of the Atlantic cannot even be called grindy, 1500 points can be acheieved in a single match. The Dreams Come True tho… Well, I don’t think it’s a good event. Don’t get me wrong, the prize itself is cool, but it would be cool if some of us could actually… Get the prize. Why is it 35k points? Why so many stages? Can’t we get a normal event even for War Thunder’s anniversary? I’d get it if it was 7 stages requiring 10-15k points each, but 35k? 7 times? That’s a bit too much grind for a vehicle that’s supposed to be a present for being with the game for so long…

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Yeah, it is a bit long but 35k every 2 days is not terrible if you play anything rank6 or above. I played for a little over 2 hours and got about half way through the second stage.
A small correction, it is 6 stages and not 7. I do feel like they should of made it a week long rather than 12 days.

My bad, it’s 6 stages, but I believe my point still stands, not everyone has time to play for 2 hours everyday or even 4 hours every two days. 8 hours for sleep, 8 (or sometimes even 12) hours for work gives us only 4-8 hours of free time every day, in a perfect world of course, where work travel time, making and eating food, chores and all other activities take up no time, which is not the case as we may all know

Because it forces players to break down and just buy their way to the rewards. Which is the whole point for all of them (the whole game really).

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I Honestly dont find the grind to bad compared to some of the other events, i was able to finish a ground talisman within 2 hours

That is a valid complaint but they can only make it so easy. They dont want it to be like 30 min a day for 2 days to get. I wouldnt call it a reward for being with them so long because relatively new players can get it.

That being said, it would be pretty cool if we got a bonus to the event for being part of the game for some long. Something like “you have been here for 5 years so you only have to get 20k.” Or even only 4 stages. Something to give thanks for us that have been here for the long haul.

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Everything in this game is grindy, I’ve done a few events but the way they just churn out generic event after event after event after event alongside battlepass after battlepass after battlepass and then also tying the WB shop to the battlepass, I’ve given up on all of them.

Then maybe give out vehicles based on when your account was made? You know, if your account is 3 years old you get some low tier reward (i.e. M8 LAC), for 5 years you get a mid tier reward (let’s say TOG) and for idk 8 years you’d get to choose any non premium vehicle in the game of something like that. I don’t know, they can figure it out themselves, give us actual rewards instead of making us grind for them.