Why the dumb narrow version of some of the maps?

Just this lol


It’s a horrible direction and is very concerning that they continue going down it…


Because gaijin is listening to foolish players crying


Player crying, when they’re far away from cap
Always trying, to get a smaller map

It wouldn’t be as bad without crewlock, so you could just leave and go on if you’ve got maps which are just bs.

Its also not very nice that they put off-map timers on alot hills inside valid map space. Like on Maginot or Mozdok. What is this nonsense? Why are they making all maps terrible? Also alot flanking routes became offmap now. MAN!

Why did they gut Carpathians btw? Whos idea was it to remove the flanking routes and make a small map even smaller?

There should be a petition to remove all map changes of the last 12 months.

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I’m gonna jump in here too and say that I despise these smaller maps. The red border gaijin started using is one of the worst implementations to this game. Ground RB is in such a shit state at the moment, that I don’t even touch the game.

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Low tier maybe but not high tier.