Why tank wreck explode after a time?

Hello to everyone.
I want to know why tank wreck explode after a time in match. Around 10min after the player has been killed, wreck explode and disapear. Why ? !
That makes me crazy

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Saves resources, helps with PC performance, keeps bottle necked roads from becoming completely blocked by 3 Maus’s that died next to eachother etc.


Previously it was something to do with killed player respawning in a new vehicle. Not sure about now though.

If the play uses a backup of the same vehicle the old one explodes.

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I play WT to have full graphism and nearly realism game … not to have wreck disabling after a time.
And MAUS is only on a little part or BR. So, i dont care about this

Well they can’t just delete the tank for people on low settings, so they have to do it for everyone.

I understand, but players can buy new computer now. I’m sure that 90% of playerbase got good computer but play as ULQ

You also need to support all the consoles.

Warthunder intentionally caters to a wide range of hardware and mainains a broadly similar experience between them. They cant just dissable certain visual effects that could give one level of graphical fidelity a huge advantage.

Also buying new hardware is like at least 4 top tier premiums worth of investment, Gaijin want that money


Consoles can play without problems… I dont think the problem come from wreck anyway …

They indeed can. By removing assets from the playing field and changing the graphical fidelity.

Every wreck is another relatively high fidelity asset that needs to be rendered

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They deacreased models range in naval by 4. now at more than 8KM, everything disapear, it since 1year. Its disgusting cause there are parameters for that (ranging trees)
And now we have this ? Soon we will have phone game …

Edit : I bough a 7900XTX to play game in full quality, not to have a phone game

And to avoid more decreases in fidelity like that. You get explosions to mask the removal of assets

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Maybe they could do the Doom thing and just have sprites of the destroyed tanks which rotate according to the players viewpoint.

I mean that is a funny suggestion, but no

Wrecks “explode” after player who left the wreck leave battle.

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Well you got your answer too bad if you don’t like it.

The game would become unplayable if all the tanks destroyed stayed on the map and they stay around long enough to use as cover without ruining the town maps with narrow streets.

Of all the things wrong with the game currently, this is hardly game breaking is it?

Huh ? it lasted around 1 year or more where wrecks stayed the whole game.
they changed it around 3 months for no reason and they never mentionned it anywhere !

Maps like Berlin are good with a few wrecks to hide behind , but you have choke points that become in passable if everybody’s tank stayed on the map. You would have more complaints about that. It’s just pure logic.

The wrecks hang about for just about the right amount of time I would say. One of the few good things about the game currently.

That really not a good reason … it not a one path road …

it’s a fine reason and it is THE reason.