Why some premium vehicles are removed?

Why some premium vehicles are removed but brought back during specific events? What’s the point of removing them in the first place?


Its the profit vs exclusivity balance.

Keep things in limited supply to give them value.

but they don’t increase its price. Then how does it bring them more profit? Shouldn’t they earn more if the vehicles are available all the time?
I dont have much knowledge about business but it seems like an odd strategy.

Some old premiums you will never see again, and you don’t ,they were one and done.
Some come up now and then in chests etc and some just remain on sale.

Gaijin is playing it all ways

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It’s neither of those.
It’s decluttering, simple as.


Gaijin often removes unique vehicles which isn’t decluttering. More premium vehicles mean more money, I dont see any reason to remove any premium vehicles.

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Look up paralysis of choice in the context of psychology.

FOMO (Fear-of-missing-out).

Fear of missing out. Same way why fastfood joints are doing their specials every now and then.