Why Silver Lions Are A Problem


As you can surely see from my screenshot, silver lion gains, even with a premium account are becoming just a little unbearable. I’ve spent my own hard earned money so I can support a game that I love whilst also making life and War Thunder “Easier” for myself.

I’ve seen a lot of discussion about the grind and how little RP is given out but that only really stops being an issue once you learn to love the game for what it is. However, you can pay for a decent amount of RP boosts through golden eagles… Silver Lions on the other hand, not so much. On average I earn about 35-40k SL per match. This means for me to afford these two vehicles, after already buying another, due to faster progress (I got better) it would now take me 35 GOOD games to achieve the next rank (Rank VII).

I’m sure as many of you are aware, you’re not always going to have good games. Some games you get spawn killed and others, you get continuously destroyed by air. So, realistically, I’m looking at 60 games until I can move to the next rank. I’m not sure this is an adequate and sustainable way to continue enjoying the game. I don’t spend GE on RP boosts or SL as I think buying a months premium at a time is enough of my pay check that goes to Gaijin. Furthermore, It would cost me more than what I pay for premium each month to get anywhere near a substantial enough amount of SL to achieve what I’m trying too.

My suggestion would be to increase SL gains, maybe make the price of SL lower as to make it more accessible to players who don’t make War Thunder their entire existence. I know content creators have raised similar issues but I haven’t seen any feedback from gaijin themselves. What are your guys’ though on SL gain and how it could be improved.

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I personally find the SL economy fine since the roadmap. A rare W for GJN.

The only aspect of the economy I don’t like is RP gain for helicopters. This was partially resolved by letting us research helicopters with tanks, but you still have to spend an obscene amount of time to research modifications for a stock helicopter.


I think as far as SL is concerned, this is the best we could hope for, and it’s not a bad situation to be in, compared to what was before. It’s Gaijin though, so it will get worse slowly, most likely.

Though the prices really do rack up as you progress, especially if you want to be optimal and expert your crews(And you are kind of forced to expert your crew in AIR RB, otherwise you’re going to be at huge disadvantage) or even buying top tier vehicles.

For example, if you for example earn 10k SL per game, you’d need 130 games just to afford top tier jet.

It isnt bad if you stop focusing on getting to top tier asap. I have spent many times just play rank 3 or around it just enjoying some of those lineups.

I’ve never really had a problem with SL after the update, and I mostly don’t play with premium.

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If you are struggling to grind silver lions with a premium account after the change to repair costs the issue is not the game, it is you.

You have to struggle to go negative on SL costs, with premium you physically can’t go negative.


Yup i have been gaining money effortlessly despite not even tryharding and just playing for fun. It just stacks over time. Few million+ now. And i been buying expensive stuff…

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I’ve build a 4.3 premium german main lineup so I can grind money easy:

T-34 747 (r) → 3.010.000 SL (268 battles) 11.231 SL per battle
Pz.Bef.Wg.IV J → 7.630.000 SL (503 battles) 15.169 SL per battle
KW II 754 (r) → 1.180.000 SL (58 battles) 20.345 SL per battle
P-47D-16-RE → 1.050.000 SL (81 battles) 12.963 SL per battle

(oh btw … all those numbers are with premium account)

Maybe I’ll add the Brummbär later. All these values are of course influenced by your own performance. More is always possible.
I usually do my BP daily tasks with this lineup. Around the holidays, I put another 10,000,000 SL into the gamble and got the VK45.01 (P) as a result. However, I still have another 20,000,000 SL in my SL account.
Something that also saves you a lot of SL is to be patient. I always wait for the next 50% promotion when buying tanks in higher ranks. That saves a lot of money.

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While it is a good idea in general, it doesn’t really save a lot of money, unless you wish to skip it and just need ownership. Otherwise you have to crew it, expert it and buy the modules.

A vehicle selling for 470k SL will add up to 1312k SL. Your discount is 235 kSL. Not even 18% in the full scheme.

As a general suggestion: If I am in need of cash, I pop a wager.

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I have a certain passion for collecting. As I’m staying away from 8.0+, I have a few vehicles that are waiting until I feel able to compete in this league. I’m always waiting to have a complete lineup before I jump into the fray anyway. It’s hard when you’re only on the road with stock tanks, but you get used to it.

In the end, you save the most money anyway if you don’t spend it. I really must get out of the habit of talking about saving money when I talk about discounts. Spending money is spending money.
Thank you for correcting my inner attitude ;-)

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I think the real issue here is that you’re trying to go too fast into the grind. I don’t know how in the living hell you can spend only 60 games per tier, it’s just way too low. And seeing as you’re br 8.3-9.0 while only level 33 only confirms it.
Doing this you’re not doing yourself any favour, because you’re just speeding into the tiers and can’t learn properly how to play, you’re not building full lineups, not researching enough modifications for your vehicles and don’t earn enough SL.
If you’re really looking for ways to earn money, you can try to find yourself correct vehicles to play in wich you do constantly good, or play other nations and modes, which btw will allow you to get pretty significant rewards via challenges.


Skill issue. And quite frankly, an understandable one. You are lvl 33 with barely any knowledge of the game, maps anf vehivles yet you are speedrunning towards top tier. Take your time, try different trees. Your SL balance should be fine even without premium account.


Much has been already said here and I appreciate you being civil.

My advice would be to not expect a better experience from high BR vehicles, there are many issues which doesn’t really make it worth it.

Especially, if you play only a few matches of warthunder here and there, you should probably stick with middle ranks.

At higher ranks, the gameplay is faster and more unforgiving with likely more skilled players, so not really a relaxing experience.

Why not play lower BR, learn the game more, and get better?

One more thing, if I may.

You mentioned that you don’t play Warthunder that often and others suggested the same here based on your profile records.

In that case, I think that buying premium vehicle for earning SL would be more suitable for you rather than paying for premium account.

Premium account is better suited for more regular players who spend more time in warthunder to make the premium account worth it.
Premium vehicles on the other hand are better suited for people who play less regularly and can use it, whenever they can.

So I suggest to wait for spring sales and buy a premium vehicle that will complement some of your favourite lineup. Instead of renewing your premium account subscription.

SL gain can be Better? Yes but It could also be far worse
I’m not a very good player but with a premium account even i have enough sl to buy what i Need and want

Past a certain rank/br, it’s hard to make any profit while playing without premium (tanks).
If you run with premium account it’s impossible to have negative income unless you TK some players so it should be fairly easy to earn SL since getting higher in the tech tree requires more play time to unlock things.

So seeing you having trouble while I see you have a high tier premium tank is difficult to understand.

In your position, what I’ll do, it’s to buy some universal backups in the warbond shop and put those into that challenger DS. Then play a dozen game with it while running a backup.