Why SEAD in Realistic Ground Battles wouldn't work

( For Bigger maps, this will not work on small maps) SEAD works by making SPAA, AA, Short, Medium, Long range combat ineffective, either by Out right destroying or Making it impossible to see what going on, EW, for example, SEAD doesn’t work the traditional way in the game we have to use an untraditional way, we use the untraditional way with guided weapons within SAM/AA range or with weapons not designed for SEAD directly, Attacking SPAA is a death sentence for most player’s at top tier, Even if you end up destroying an SPAA 2+ more will spawn in and delete you, I’m not sure how to fix this but I would start with increase the Performance of the SPAA, Remove IRST Lead indicators for IFV’s (Unless they have Radar and it’s on) (this is to give players a reason to use SPAA) Add a limit of 4 SPAA with an individual cool down for SPAA 2min or so, Add a setup time before they can shoot, about 30sec of not moving,

Idc about GRB i just want diffrent missions in ARB for SEAD


I mean sure but explain to me why you’re already pre-coping?

Why do I get the feeling this person is also going to become notorious on the forums?

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