Why Sea Meteor in wrong line?

Why is the Sea Meteor, a Naval fighter not in the naval line? And why does it seem like nobody cares

It’s been that way since the dawn of time - moreover, the Sea Meteor doesn’t appear to have been a major variant. There, from my brief reading, doesn’t seem to have been any major use by the Fleet Air Arm, for the most part it would appear the FAA used land based variants of the Meteor as a jet trainer.
Officially, I can’t find much if any mention of the Meteor F.3 ever making it into a Navalised Variant. Best I’ve found is some work was done on the “rubber deck” project, but that wouldn’t be suitable for in-game (see the entry for Gloster Meteor F.21 Sea Vampire) - Gloster Meteor | BAE Systems

So… the sea meteor was never… a thing? Kinda?

Sad, the line needs more good vehicle, gets a worse sea harrier then the squadron too for whatever reason

Kind of. From what I have (albeit briefly) read up on it, it would appear that at best it was an idea toyed with, and possibly used a bit, perhaps in the same way the Sea Vampire was used, which is to say it was less used or rarely used actually on the carriers, more as a trainer on land to help pilots get used to jet characteristics - the FAA, for combat uses, had the Sea Fury that they were happy with, and then progressed to Attacker, swiftly followed by the Sea Hawk and Sea Venom. The turnover for the early Navalised Jets was exceptionally quick so they’re sometimes forgotten about.

Sea Meteor as I recall was a one off test platform but never adopted. It was also the top tier of British jets years before the naval line was added. I guess they didn’t want people to bypass the line if they moved it across so they just left it there. Maybe one day they will but not expecting it soon.

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Goddammit. Atleast Hispanos are getting buffed

Nerfed you. Ean. Change from mk5 to mk2 for some reason.

But the explosive filler on the 20mm rounds is b eing buffed so its mixed

Oh, never have had problems with Hispano ammo. My favourite guns in the game for air combat. Any buff is nice I guess.

Yeah, need to try them out, might be good, might make no difference

really? for me they kinda seem to do like no damage what so ever, in fact the 50cal spitfire seems to kill more reliably with its 2 50cals then its 2 hispanos for whatever reason

It really depends on the belt and even then sometimes can be a tad inconsistant. I’ve blown an aircraft to peice in 1 hit and then immediately afterwards watch a target soak hit after hit.

But hopefully the HE filler buffs should make them more consistant. Personally I always run stealth belts in the Hispanos for max number of HE rounds

Back in closed beta when I started playing someone told me if I’m getting sparks and no hit registers to adjust my lead. The ping has me hitting on my end but missing on the server so sparks but no hits.

Adjusting my lead worked and in 14 years even at their worst I’ve never struggled to kill with Hispano. Even if I haven’t flown in months I can wreck planes usually with a short burst. Almost never run out of ammo even after a 4 or 5 kill game for eg.