Why remove premium vehicles?

As per the title I guess.

I wanted to buy the Black Prince for Sim ground battles and… it’s gone. Why it’s gone I have no idea as from what I’ve read it’s far from overpowered. So hey never mind maybe I’ll get something for SB air… maybe the Hawker Typhoon 1b (early). I remember seeing that it should be a unique plane at 4.7br aaaaaaand it’s gone.

Again I’m sure it’s far from OP or “hard to balance” like the Maus so where the heck are these? They’re literally the only premiums I wanted.

Cheers if anyone can help and if you can’t, snail if you’re reading this… FIX IT.

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Just to create FOMO by making things temporary so people will buy them before they go away.


BP used to be store premium, it wasnt selling well, so it was discontinued, just like many other store premiums which some returned as GE premiums,while other didnt. BP is now used to sell the Black Friday pack,and its the only chance you can buy it during the year. Also they werent selling Ka-50 in the Black Friday bundle this year,which is interesting.

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Wait, I checked during black Friday and I didn’t see any Black Prince. Surely you’d leave them available 24/7 so people could buy them whenever.

I might just get the MB5 and drag it into 6.0BR matches or something. It’s too broken at 4.7.

[Shop] Black Friday Bundle! - News - War Thunder The sale ended two days ago.

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F@ck! I looked and it wasn’t on the Playstation War Thunder store! I must’ve checked multiple times.

Gaijin! Give me another chance to give you my hard earned damnit! Why do I have to fight to give you my money!

Unfortunately it’s something where you have to hope to have better luck next year. Black Prince so far has only reappeared on Black Friday, hopefully they give another chance later though.

It’s not really a big deal for missing out on. It’s in a weird BR and it’s armor isn’t good enough for uptiers.

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hate to say this but consoles do not experience such sales, only GE sales.


SB works on a fixed rotation of vehicles… I’m imagining it’d be fighting Tiger II’s etc where I could make use of it…maybe.

That’s absolutely mental. Why on earth would you leave console players out of sales? Surely you’d want a boost in sales across the board. I’ll never understand this game.

If it was a pack premium, it was removed to make way for new pack premiums, or in Wyvern’s case likely because Wyvern is just a more popular pick.

Also @dannaryan always blame the console’s manufacturer for lack of sales.
Gaijin would like to run sales, but Microsoft says no.

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it is not Gaijins decision, it is up to Sony and Microsoft. but yes i feel your anger.

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I take back what I said.

SONY! GIVE ME MY BLACK PRINCE! That sounds like something Tiffany from the Fresh prince of Bel Air would say.

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Don’t expect logic and good business practices to happen around here.

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Those who did buy it are complaining that the game has ended by the time they finally arrive at the battle. Might be just as well console buyers couldn’t get it.

Definitely not ideal on the big maps, but considering Gaijin doesn’t let us have those anyways it’s not the biggest issue, and the other issue is that it should always be a bit lower in BR, but now that everything else has moved up because who knows why, it’s slightly better placed.


Yes,its in single rotation.

That’s absolutely mental. Why on earth would you leave console players out of sales? Surely you’d want a boost in sales across the board. I’ll never understand this game.

Ask Sony and Microsoft, not Gaijin. They’re the ones making it not happen.

Obviously Gaijin wants there to be sales when they can, because on PC, where they have full control, they choose to have sales. So the limiting factor on consoles must be demands/requirements from Sony or Microsoft for additional % revenue cuts to go to them for the privilege of having sales on console, or weird rules about what they consider to be gambling, or weird rules about how often or how big sales can be for “image” reasons, or blah blah blah blah, that Gaijin doesn’t consider profitable.

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