Why not?

Hello everyone here!

Today I want to make a suggestion for something that could help us in the warbond shop, maybe it could be feasible even though most people don’t reach the maximum level of the shop, they could take advantage of this addition to level up their lineups with those boxes that allow you to obtain vehicles temporarily.

In this case, the suggestion is to turn those bets that you will never activate because you know it’s not possible to fulfill them and some are practically impossible because they require very specific elements to fulfill them. So just like they do with event coupons that we can turn into warbonds even though it’s not worth it because it should be sold in the gaijin marketplace, turning the ‘’ useless ‘’ bets into warbonds as well.

Of course, it would be something close to 100 to 200 warbonds per bet, varying the quantity in relation to the difficulty level of each one, this would make it interesting for new players and old players in war thunder who have many bets that they know they don’t have time to use or they are really impossible to be done by these players.

And maybe, just maybe, you could turn them into lions too… But I still think the best choice would be warbonds as it would be more viable to be accepted.

I also have another suggestion which is to bring back the old reward for the ‘’ Best Squad ‘’ bets which used to be 500 thousand silver lions, but now it presents itself with 250 thousand silver lions. Making the bet very uninteresting to be made because it asks for a lot and delivers little, since many times we don’t have enough time to try to make them with our colleagues who are often worn out from the game and doing it with random people in matches is even worse.

This would also be interesting for ORDERS, as most of the time we don’t even remember that we have them or consider activating them for our team, so they remain idle in our accounts without any short-term usefulness.

Well, that’s all I have to suggest since we can do this with coupons, which as I mentioned earlier should be sold on the gaijin marketplace and not turned into warbonds.

Thank you to everyone who has read this far, please add to the topic with additional suggestions on the same theme and be respectful in the comments. Sarcasm is only well-used if you have a good point of view; otherwise, it’s not interesting to contaminate topics that plan to improve something, whether minimally or significantly, for the entire community.

Because if it is accepted and approved, unfortunately, those who disagree would also make use of it.

Welcome to the War Thunder Community.