Why not allowing stacking boosters?

I wonder why Gaijin doesnt allow do stack boosters one to another without penalty? Ive seen lately video where someone stacked many boosters one to another just for fun i guess, but the more he activated the more useless booster become, like literally 30% booster became 1% because of the penalty …

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I imagine it’s Gaijin’s way of penalizing the player for wanting to burn multiple boosters in a single game, rather than playing multiple games to burn those boosters one by one. A rather unfriendly way of trying to convince the customer to play more games in order to get the full value of those multiple boosters.

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Greed …next

I wish they gave you the option to add them consecutively rather than concurrently. That way if you play one game and it lasts less than 30 minutes then you’ll have another one for the next game, but if the game is longer than 30 minutes (mostly simulation games) it would just kick in the second booster after the first expires.