Why not add the JAS 39 C to Sweden

Gaijin is just a greedy company that wont listen to players of minor nations. There is a huge difference in the A and the C variant, where they say that they is a little difference. When they already give UK one, they can easily be add one to Sweden but they dont. They say that they want to release it with the RB99 (Aim 120). They can just add the A and C variant now (like they did with the F 16s for USA) and then give the RB99 to the JAS 39 C later.
I was pretty excited for the Gripen in the game (One of the reasons I started playing Sweden), but now we get the Variant with a worse engine and no HMD. Britain needs a top tier jet to be viable in Air Realistic and the Gripen fills it nicely, but please give Sweden the same variant. If not it shows how much you care for the players of youre game.


Twins; like F-16A & ADF for USA.


And we’ll have to wait 3 months for our gripen C, by that time the Russians and americans will get something way better than it, so it will be shit on launch prob.

Exactly, and the grind will be hard as hell, but hey thats what you get for playing a Sweden (minor Nation) I guess, that Gaijin just doesnt care about the players