Why no French M24 and M47?

They’ve added the M26 to France recently, and it makes sense, since French 6.7 was lacking some power, but guh, where are the M24 and M47?

France used over 1.200 Chaffees, and it’d be a good addition in the tech tree, allowing the player to have three 3.7 vehicles (M24, M4A4 and ARL-44 ACL-1)

Meanwhile the M47 (France used over 800) could be added just after the Pershing. France has three 7.3 vehicles, yes, but I believe a medium would be a good addition to the tree.

Other options could be the M46 even, probably more Stuarts too, although I believe this would be excessive.

I’m not a fan of copy paste but in my opinion there are some vehicles that were used in such quantities that they just can’t be missing.

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They don’t add everything to the game at once.
Be patient.


Well of course, but I believe they’re not giving France the attention it deserves.

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Careful what you ask for…

I obviously wouldn’t ask for something broken or that’d be hard to balance, but I think a few more US vehicles widely used by France could be a nice addition.

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