Why Netherlands to France instead of Germany?

Genuine question, since I think the Netherlands would fit in Germany way better than France, especially in the Modern Era, where their militaries are very intertwined. On top of that, the Dutch F-16s could (finally) solve the issue of West Germany’s top tier air being… not the greatest.
So why to France? I get the BeNeLux, and all, but it just seems like half a waste and half an uninformed decision. Belgium is fine in France, everyone knows they need it, but the Dutch as well?


Yeah why adding a Military which is part of the German Army(or better to say under the comand of the Bundeswehr) to France?


Huh, you learn something new everyday

BeNeLux and that’s it

Beside NL fit for France looking for historical aspect(WWII)

And german finally know the feeling of not getting what supposed to be in it(I’m looking at you DF105)

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Cause France is a better fit for Belgium and Netherlands than Germany getting an at least 5th nation.
Yes, 5th.
Germany currently hosts: Canada, Argentina, Switzerland, and Austria. The latter 3 more than Canada.
Germany has PLENTY of options than getting a 5th [or further] nation.


Germany hosts 4 other nations but has 0 subtrees. The Argentines are literally two vehicles, 3 if you count premium. You cannot tell me in good faith that those are a major part of the German tree.

NL fits for WW2 yes but its like an open secret that this game is primarily Cold War/Modern, in which case NL fits with Germany way better

It doesn’t need nor have room for a dedicated sub tree.

NL doesn’t fit with Germany; and the other nations offer far more options.
That post is an example of genuine greed.


Deal with it bro. Like AlvisWisla said there is no point of addint 5th subnation to already big tree

Bro I don’t even play Germany. I just know my Cold War history, and also know that the Dutch Army is basically a subsidiary part of the Bundeswehr. Nowhere in there does France fit.

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