Why must wheeled vehicules handel like they are driving on ice?

Why must wheeled vehicules handel like they are driving on ice reguardless of terrain? Is this how the developers feel like when they drive their cars? Sorry this makes these vehicules so annoying that you lose all interest in using them.

that is called physics, different surfaces have different types of resistance which causes it to slip and drift like its on ice on high speed. this is no race game its a simulator, it makes the game as realistic as possible

  • in Arcade (like your topic is in) vehicles get unreal amounts of Horsepower which makes them even faster and harder to control

Really though they should get increased traction to help with the increased horsepower so it’s still a fair issue to have, arcade games don’ need realistic physics models

Ah yes! Do you drive a car? Ever had that on sand or paved surfaces in non winter conditions? Sorry race? Yeah at 50km/h or less it is like doing 200km sure thing. Could it be your only driving experiance is on a screen?

im sorry i did not intend to mean it as a personal attack, i was simply explaining how it is different and how it acts inside of a game and especially under Arcade (as your Topic is placed in Arcade Battles)
There is no need of such mean manners

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Yeah noticed it landed in “arcade” but it is a general trend wheeled = driving on ice, where as tracked almost anything goes. And I have not only noticed this on War Thunder but other tank games too. And 50km/ h is not what I would call race speed. Here in Europe 50km/h is normal speed in towns and cities.

Is ok, was not meant to be “mean” but that is the disadvantage of these forums you do not see if it is a humorous reply or seriously meant.

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yeah i understand, that’s why i’m apologizing and understand it from your perspective. :)

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The simple answer is broken physics.
The longer answer is:
Back in the day, when people were complaining about certain maps and their poor map design allowing certain vehicles to get to some places from where they could singlehandedly wipe the entire enemy team, Gaijin took the lazy route in fixing this issue. So instead of addressing map design, they messed with the physics of both wheeled and tracked vehicles making them unable to climb gradients due to the decreased friction. One of the side effects was sliding becoming a thing.

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Yes that is exactly the feeling I have too. And yes I know certain wheeled vehicules are very hated. Just need to think of the old Red Orchestra where the moterbikes with satchel charges could destroy everything and there was nothing you could do about it. But it does discourage to grind certain vehicules if you know they are going to handle reguardless of terrain like you are driving on a ice arena.

They just changed it so wheeled vehicles are no longer playable.
Check the patches

It’s frustrating how they get the fundamentals of this game wrong, driving a tank should be cool, you should feel like a badass and just destroy everything in your path, yet we’re crawling up slopes, crawling through rivers and mud, sliding down hills and struggling to get up places, tiny flimsy picket fences knocking a bunch of speed of your tank.
Even worse when you play the smaller vehicles that feel like you’re driving a Mini, unable to get around the map because you can’t push down walls despite being a 10 ton vehicle coming in with 30km/h, even though your average family car would manage.

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The Sd.Kfz.251/9 has become the worst handling vehicle in the game all of a sudden, tips over if you cough the wrong way. OddBawz just slated the new SARC MkIVa but I thought it was a fun wheeled vehicle to play tbh.

can any expert explain to me how a hay-stag or a fence can flip in air 55 ton tank ???

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the physic for wheeled vehicles has nothing to to with a simulator. they wheel physics are crap !

Just look how top heavy that thing is - most players drive around flat out at top speed (incl me!), and wonder why they can tip it over - I slow down to turn sharp corners!!)!!

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It can be described as a lot of things, but heavy isn’t one of them if a 10 ton armored vehicle cannot knock down a wall.
Speaking of top heavy though, have you played the Sd.Kfz.251’s, they seem to really tip over as their tracks sink into the ground or something.

“top heavy” has nothing to do with total weight - it means that too much of the vehicle weight is high off the ground. Eg in this case the vehicle is adding the better part of 500kg high above it’s normal weight distribution.

Additionally this affects this particular vehicle very badly because it has a narrow width, and the width between the wheel (or tracks) is a primary stabilising factor when cornering.

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That’s another vehicle that is top heavy due to having the better part of 500kg worth of gun added to the top of it.

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Nothing to do with being top heavy when it’s just modeled poorly.