Why move the fox up to 7.7 when other nations keep their under tiered vehicles? Why do you hate Britain gaijin?

VIDAR could easily be 8.7, Gepard could too, there’s plenty of undertiered vehicles on other nations, so why only move the fox up? (I don’t even play the fox, I just want to know why Britain is hated)


what makes the Gepard OP

the ZA-35 is the same BR btw

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Their statistics showed it was over performing. Compared to other 7.0-8.0 autocannon vehicles it is balanced at 7.7, and too good at 7.0.

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Jus cus a couple “people” who play 6.7-7.0 complain it gets move up almost a full BR when there are very clearly other vehicles, just as overpowered, that gaijin is doing absolutely nothing about

Fox is fine at 7.7, I do not care about it being moved there. If it went further up I would take issue.
What I take FAR FAR more issue with than this trivialty is APDS shatter and HESH spall range. Travesty, makes Britain far less playable.


Ah, so Fox to 8.3… I see.
Lest not forget that ZA-35 to 8.7 since you want Gepard there.

Fox was the primary under-BR’d autocannon car, there are few elsewhere.
It’s fine where it is, and I’m soon going to enjoy mine.

They already did things about them. Nearly all of them have been moved up since their initial release.

maybe because when they added it they did not reliza how good it was at the first br they gave it so the upgraded it.

I was getting 3-4 kills with it while only having the stock belt. It was a bit too good at 7.0.

It probably would be 7.3 if the apds didnt one shot ammo

7.7 seems suitable, and I am kinda Brit main.

The moving of a vehicles br has little to do with the moving (or lack there of) of other vehicles. Plus the Fox is still baller at 7.7.

“why can’t my vehicle be overpowered” because no vehicle should be “overpowered”


I predicted it would go 7.7 just like the Type 87 RCV(P) lol Honestly, the Fox does well all the way to 9.7 matches. 7.7 is still playable and at the correct spot. 7.0 was just too low. Could still get moved up to 8.0 though, a possibility but hoping it stays at 7.7.

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While I don’t mind it at 7.7, it now has to make me decide between if I should play the Fox or the decently capable Eland (which I blazed through the Ratel line to get only to have its engine sounds updated not soon after I got it and now it is annoyingly loud).
I’d vouch for it being moved down to 7.3 but Britain has no line up there, so that’s not viable.

I don’t get it. Increasing the BR of a vehicle is not making it less effective all the time. Now it has more chance to get light tanks rather than Tigers, IS-3s, IS-4s, Maus, T-95 and so on. Now it can meet with the TAM, Sheridan, Bradley, BMPs, Obj-906s, and don’t worry, you will even get M22s, BT-5s and SdKfz Pumas more frequently at higher BRs.

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i mean… you can argue that the fox does Better at 7.7 so… its hardly a nerf

There are Plenty of british tanks that are Way over tiered… the fox isnt one of them

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He’s in any thread that touches on russian vehicles and basically always says that nothing needs changing regarding any nation and is accurate

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Gepard has 680 rounds of ammo while the ZA-35 has 460 rounds.

The Gepard has -10 degrees of gun depression and 85 degrees of gun elevation while ZA-35 has -8 and 81 respectively.

Turret rotation speed of Gepard is 90 degrees per second while the ZA-35’s is 45 degrees per second.

Gepard has search and track radar while ZA-35 has electro-optical target tracking.
This is both a pro and con, as search and track radar can be used in third person, while the electro-optical target tracking on the ZA-35 allows it to lock onto aircraft without having to turn on its search radar, unlike Gepard. Electro-optical target tracking is a bit overkill at 8.3, as there are barely any vehicles with RWR (other than the A-4E).

Gepard gets access to smoke grenades and also can carry 60 rounds of APDS, unlike ZA-35.

The ZA-35, in return, is on a Rooikat chassis, which typically makes it faster than Gepard on most occasions (other than in mud), and with a higher top speed of 121km/h forwards and -37km/h in reverse, unlike with Gepard, which has top speed of 66km/h forwards and -26km/h in reverse. Although, ZA-35 does not get neutral steering as it is a wheeled vehicle (let’s pretend the AMX-10 RC doesn’t exist).

Overall, I would say the Gepard is a better choice, but the ZA-35 isn’t that far off. They are both fine at 8.3.