Why Most Players Hate Top Tier

Almost everyone says one or more of the following statements

  1. CAS is OP
  2. Maps are boring / Maps are 3 lanes to go die in
  3. That top-tier games are brain-dead gameplay
  4. Matches end before you can do anything (Players who avoid dying by playing defensive)

I see that this mostly comes down to Map size, but the reason why isn’t what you think, hear me out first,
I will skip low-tier tanks and talk about more of the WW2/ Pre/Early Cold War Tanks as this is where WT starts becoming a bit of an interesting time for players, these tanks more than not have large maps in the idea of shooting a gun with no laser range finder or thermals, Tank engagement is down to who gets ranging down first, then armor, can your armor tank this round? (CAS is still a Meh moment but this seems to me to be more related to the map size than CAS itself).

As we all know, the higher the BR we get the Smaller the maps get, and the more we see tanks that have no place fighting in a CQB, We have SPAA that cover the complete battlefield from spawn, This has a massive effect on how players see the game (more on the Prem player’s completely new to the game, join and play a tank with top tier APFSDS, Thermals, Ok fine this Fair, nothing is wrong with buying a 10.0 to 11.0.)

Here is what I think, but first quick question - How many of Us have the NEW “LARGE” maps on our banned list or downvoted?

I think WE have MAPS that have NO HILLS to SNIPE on, TRACTION has almost completely been REMOVED, Introduction of RED ZONES in all good defensive spots on new and old MAPS, MAP sizes are at the same or completely SMALLER than WW2 tank battles, and when WE do get LARGE MAPS they are SO BADLY made with HILLS not even NATO tanks can use without driving over the lip or spots on the map where we can spawn camp from the middle of the map,

This all comes down to ONE thing,

Us players who have ground our way up the tech tree are being used as basic cannon fodder for PREM players, We are given Large maps so badly made to get us to hate them so they can keep giving us SMALL and SMALLER maps, Small maps make the games shorter and as we know main RP and SL are given for TIME IN BATTLE, BIGGER maps MORE RP and SL,


Yeah, the maps dont reflect the technology / BR they are assigned to.

Big Fulda or Tunesia (pre change / didnt play the new one yet) are good examples how maps should be for hightier.

High hp/t needs space to reduce spawncamping (beside a good design for the spaenarea → more room = allows for better designs)

More space make it easier for AA/SAM to relocate and not being stuck in the spawnarea → which makes them super predictable at the moment → leads to frustration when fighting CAS.

Bigger maps allow for more flanking lanes that arent a killzone, which allows more variety in vehicles (reduces boring MBT meta).


Cas is not OP. Just spawn AA, or a fighter.

CAS being viewed as oppressive is a byproduct of small maps and player incompetence, alongside premiums allowing people to get to toptier with minimal means of engaging aircraft. Small maps and premiums are a game design issue, competence (or an attitude that players should have no threats when they get a position they can camp everyone from because “They earned it”) is a playerbase issue.

Make maps longer, introduce greater terrain obstacles (Or just stop adding large open fields), encourage AAs to take positions outside of spawn, and then CAS would be both more engaging for the player and seen with far less hate.


I agree with points 2, 3 and 4.

I agree with this, the maps are not it and do not support the advanced weaponry, vehicles and aircraft we have in top tier. By the time you get to top tier, you should be introduced to a whole new set of maps and mechanics that support the play style of your vehicles

The fact that we fight in maps designed over 10 years ago when top tier was the King Tiger is baffling to me.


I’ve made the statement a few years ago, but even realistic battles get toned down to arcadish levels with every single update.

Be it small CoD-like maps or markers everywhere…

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Maps are way too small to contain MBTs that easily shoot the entire length of the map and traverse them in no time at all… you could kill someone on a cap and they’d be able to respawn and come back before you can even cap it, a same problem exists with CAS.


High tier:
Highest percentage of ODL’s.
Highest percentage of bots.
Highest percentage of cheaters.
CAS appears to soon in a battle. (applies to all tiers)
Lack of SPAA vehicles. Too many gaps in the trees. (although this is across all tiers)
Most maps have been butchered.
Poor map design for high tier vehicles.

Don’t hate top tier but have been taking a break from it and hoping gaijin makes some meaningful improvements to top tier. More and better maps that actually support long range engagements would be appreciated instead of funneling everyone into CQC. North Holland has potential but it’s a mess with the current spawn placement. Also having a ground battle for at least 5 minutes without CAS appearing would also be welcomed.
Finally the ability to choose between large and small maps, similar to the ability to choose night maps, is needed.


Have you ever waited 8 minutes doing nothing until the other team bothered to spawn an airplane?

Why should SPAA life be even more miserable than it is now?

Or how you love cruising for a solid minute of nothing to do before even scoring a single point by, you know, capturing and getting a chance to win? (Large Tunisia, I’m looking at you unholy waste of time and space)

This is a game for many kinds of players. Some need different stuff than you. Deal with it?

Only thing I don’t like about top tier is what they are doing to the maps.
They are neutering ever map and making them all CQC and zerg friendly. Press W → Die → Hangar
Ruins the gameplay

I don’t mind CAS, and I think that the games ending quickly is a result of map design/philosophy. (and also premium spam)


“Just spawn AA or a fighter”

I would love to, if CAS didn’t bomb me within 4 mins of a match, beyond radar lock/missile guidance range plummeting my SP to where bringing out a fighter is no longer possible.

The biggest problem here is people with only 1 tank, they die and quit the match because they have only one high level premium tank and still learning the game.

I don’t understand gaijin’s reasoning for smaller maps on top tier, and if you try to make a suggestion they will just delete it, terrible business practices…

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When they put in large maps though, people get upset at driving for long distances to get to the map, and in the process dying to someone who’s skilled in sniping.

Exactly. Some players like to brawl. Others like to snipe. Everyone will complain about maps catering to the other. So, get over it? Some maps already try to cater both styles (FAI, Aral sea) but from a developers’ perspective larger maps mean a larger workload and guess someone somewhere is accounting for that when developing new maps. Like when they introduced “snow” maps, which modify the 3D volumes but not the general layout of the map, guess they where an experiment on less resource intensive map making.

Only a handful of tanks are meant to “brawl” this kills the playstyle for over half the tanks in game, so why even have them? Plus this game seems to pride itself on being realistic and accurate on vehicle performance yet we have mbt flying around city’s at 45mph like a gta server.

I get it some people like to brawl and that’s fine, this could still be done with larger maps simply by spawn locations to give players the option, some maps do this but it seems like every update the maps get more and more restricted just funneling all the players in to one small area or one team gets overran in the first few minutes and is stuck in the spawn.