Why Maus still not back in the normal tech tree?

I got the Maus in the last event and at least in AB it does pretty damn good. Sure it’s not an IS-3, but it’s not bad either. I consistently get kills in it and so far it’s far more enjoyable to play than say that AMX-30 (1972) that is armed only with HEAT or the Conqueror.
I think the balance reason Gaijin gave for it to be removed is pretty much gone at this point.

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No not really its hard to balance

How so? At its BR I don’t have much trouble dealing with it frontally in almost any BR 7.3+ tank that I own.
Only had trouble in IS-3, but this tank can deal with it in other ways.
On the other hand in the spaded Maus I get around 2-3 kills both in uptiers and downtiers.

Its due to the fact not enough combat statistics due to never being in combat

Because they can use it as a “special” promotional vehicle on the anniversary. They probably sell a bunch of Tier V+ German premies to players who want to put their “dibs” on the Maus.