Why M60 AMBT has too slow reloading speed?

Why M60 AMBT has too slow reloading speed?

We already know that the 120S is located at 10.0br with better turret armor,

slow forward and reverse speeds,

APFSDS similar to what AMBT uses,

much faster loading speed,

and no commander’s thermal imaging optic and sight.

However, the M60 AMBT is located at 10.0br with a thin turret armor with high sized turret(It means that AMBT have more possibility to lose its loader than 120S)
that can also be partially penetrated by 2S38’s APFSDS,

better forward and reverse speed,

commander’s thermal imaging optics without stabilizer,

and not so useful automatic cannon for commander.

I think Gaijin may make the M60 AMBT’s reloading speed faster.
(6.4 seconds based on full skilled ace crew~same as 120S.)

(I personally think 5~6.1 seconds is fine based on the full skilled ace crew.)

Even if Gaijin buffs the AMBT, there will be no big problem with the balance.

Because that tank is just a big-sized&thin front armored tank, can’t even provide a protection from a 105mm DM23 properly.

So it’s just a glass cannon.

If you think current 120S is too OP, then let’s make slow down its reloading speed to 6.4 seconds~5.5 seconds.

Of course, AMBT must have a little bit faster speed than 120S.

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M60 AMBT is borderline OP at 10.0, and thus its reload is fine.
I’ve owned this thing since the War event calling it OP at its 10.0 BR back then.

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Then, Do you think current 120S is too OP?

It’s significantly slower, so it’s obviously effectively identical to M60 AMBT.
Gets a turret over speed.

If AMBT and 120S had same realoding speed, then they have equal values.
but reality isn’t.

good turret armor, slow speed, excellent realoading speed

AMBT= thin armor, ordinary speed(not excellent), ordinary reloading speed.
how they are equal?


Prove that the M60 AMBT uses an Abrams turret.
Both have “thin armor”.
And calling the fastest M60 in the world “ordinary” is a lie if you actually own it.

Do I need any reference for asking buff tank’s reloading speed? Sorry. I didn’t know about that…

Because the idiots on the developers do not play their game and have repeatedly said that the reload is a balance value. At M60AMBTUCAM no one will change anything, because no one plays on it, therefore - there are no statistics, and therefore(according to the developers) with the tank everything is fine.

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The AMBT is fine and the reload speed is fine. Its my favorite 10.0 US tank and it really doesnt need a buff.


Can you tell me what is your play style of that tank?

AMBT has smaller turret compared to the 120S. Which probably reduces loaders efficiency

Flanking mostly. At 10.0 its not in a position to be a brawler, and a bit of mid-rage sniping. The ke-w is a really good round. I also try to set up ambushes at choke points if i can.

But all maps doesn’t guarantee successful flanking(because lack of good detours) or provide good long-range sniping positions.
If I have to fight in those maps, then I have 2 ways- Not spawning AMBT or spawn AMBT and have no fun.

Wait… then looks like I’d better talk about map design, not buffing AMBT. right?

There are smaller maps that you cant do that, but you also dont have to be first to the cap point ether. staying back and providing support. You would be surprised how many people dont think that someone is not rushing toward a cap point. I dont rush to cap, and take my time. If your team is rushing toward cap so are the enemy players. So look at the map and see where you could go that may get a clear shot. sit still for a min or two and listing for the tank movement.

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Thanks for your opinion :)

HEY HEY I did it!!!
I lost but I made good K/D XDDDDDDDDDDDDD
Thank you a lot!

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Its massive, gets front penned by everything, including autocannons, constantly fights 11.0, at least 10.3 tanks (that are better in every way, aside from having less pen). In what world is this OP?

The armor of a tank from 8.0, against tanks that are more mobile, have a higher rate of fire, have much better armor, all for a gun that can pen a bit more, even though you should be aiming for the same weak points anyways.

A reload bringing in line with its contemporaries would be fully justified.

In fact, Other tanks also can do camping and waiting for enemy’s approach to them.
Flanking? Other tanks also can do that if they have ordinary mobility.
I understood that current AMBT only can do flanking and camping& extremely long-range sniping easy… but…
Looks like many people think current AMBT is fine.

You mean TURMS which is significantly slower in all directions, but makes up for that in its lower profile and 9.3 armor.
Or Type 96A which is slower, and makes up for that speed with the lower profile.
Challenger Mk2? Slower with a far worse round.
T-72B? Far slower without thermals and a worse round.

Yet zero 10.0 MBTs are more mobile than the AMBT.

So with its 3BM60 equivalent round, a top round seen at 11.7.
The speed better than other 10.0s.
Gen 2 or higher thermals.

AMBT is a great tank.
120S has less reverse capability than all but T-72.

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