Why KH-38(or KH-29T) costs as much as AGM-65

Why totally better rockets like KH-38 and KH29T(ET) costs like AGM-65. They have no problems with damage, they have no problems with shooting on high distances(while mavericks cant, or being easily shooted by spaa because of low speed)

Either these rockets should get their 1k RP for use, or mavericks should cost no more than 750-800

Is this about their sl price or sp cost?

Respawn points

Ah, i see. I think they are pretty good now. Sure the sp cost is about the same but, you only get 2 kh29s while you get 6 agm65s. Of course this is different between a couple vehicles but you generally get more agm65s than you can get kh29s.

I dont think any plane can carry more than 2 kh29s. For agm65s, it is like 4-6 i think.

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su25sm3 can carry 4x KH-38 which will lead to more kills than AGM-65
Also, only F-16C carry 6x AGM-65. I`m on Grippen can carry only 4x AGM-65

Oh, so this is only about the plane that was just dropped like 24 hours ago. 12 planes can carry 6 amg65s.
A7D, F4E, Kurnass, F16A, F16 MLU, F16AJ, Netz, A7K, A10A, A10A late, Kurnass 2000, and F16C

I think only the su25sm3 can carry more than 2 guided kh29s/kh38s

*Cries in F-4F at the same price with 2 x Mavericks



I would love it if they added sp cost per munition added. That way 2 agm65s would be 1/3 the sp cost of 6