Why isn't USSR allowed to have anything good?

You see, other country mains complained about a certain russian bias when it was just their skill issue (because war thunder has no bias anywhere), gaijin nerfed somethings here and there to keep players happy

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Why would I mention Japan in a thread saying the USSR doesn’t get anything good?

Is access to multiple APHE variants good? Yes.

Are OP APBCHE slope modifiers good? Yes.

So the USSR does have access to good things and Japan is irrelevant.

sorry what ?
You got the bmp2m thats more then enough
And thinking about it it was 8.7 at one point and ru players still managed to suck with it…

why do you even reply to this topic ? you barely have any vehicles at all
or hiding your main acc ? if so ru main ?
no nation gets more handholding then russia :)


My skill issue making the BVM relikt bag stop DM53 point blank at 90°


Yes because russian vehicles got nerfed

The BVM relikt bags stops DM53 point blank at 90° because it was nerfed?

Man you are not making much sense.

too bad they missed era on side of mbts that can eat the top round in the game. its like magic

I mean, only 1 APHE round is really great, and that’s 122mm BR-471B.

But you grab BR-412D from the 100mm series and that’s significantly worse post-pen performance than 105mm PzGr.Rot, similar performance to 88mm PzGr 39/43…
And BR-412D only performs slightly better at angles than the 88mm round.

Oh well the game itself is broken in many ways, i shot a sherman with my panzer at point blank on its side and guess what, ricochet at 90° with he

A mod already called him delussional wich it’s already enough to tell You how much copium it’s the thread based on


The BR-412D is an APCBCHE round, not an APBCHE round. Why would it’s sloped performance be any different than other APCBCHE rounds?

Except you troll as hell here

USSR is the most OP nation from low BRs till the High first let us see what makes Russia unbalance BIAS

APHE - NUKE with 1 penetration compared to US that uses APBC and has wrong ballistic and even with high Pene can’t properly pene and have post dmg that APHE do Vulometric help only Rus and Chinese was obvious from begining

Slope and Curved armor again the same even if other nations have high armor Values don’t help them at all again wrong

IS6 pure bias machine
IS-2 lowered BR again seems armor buffed because of this Ultra bounces even in the back and side of the turret
Obj-120 sure they nerf it obviously at 8.0 agree totally usless early APDS-FS shatters alot 152mm cannon with not even a good HE shell no MG no Optic no laser Rangefinder compared to Vidar but obviously is Premium and Gaijin is known to make old premiums useless so you can buy new one for 6 month till they nerf the other one
BMP-1 what is bad about it have a fast lol cannon + ATGM and even survive from MG
T-62 yes APDSFS shatter a lot but they put Obj 435 at this same BR that can do everything better than T-62 ppl switch you know?
BTR-80A seriously again 30mm auto in light tank at 7.3 BR with APDS shred planes helis light’s tanks pene mediums even can survive 0.50 cals magically
Obj 268 you kidding right Heavy Armor hull with really good frontal armor and nuke cannon at 7.0 BR and 7.3 in Arcade seriously no comment.
Obj279 just lol
T-44 trolly armor ,Nuke ammo APHE is the only Ammunition in the game that have 90% probability if Pene you go kaboom + the BR-367 T-44 use APCBC is APHE magic again Rus right

Well again they forgot to nerf Khrisantema-S wird right totally Fair

Rus is the only nation that the Tanks should go at least 0.6 BR up comparing to other nations

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APHE/APCBC[HE] is on many tanks including Tiger 2s, Chi tanks, and T32.
Of course you have lower BR tanks with similarly potent rounds, with Shermans having better pen while retaining post pen than Soviet tanks.

IS-2 never got lowered in BR, it went from 6.3 to 6.7, and has been 6.3 for literal years if not started at that BR.
T-44 is a slightly faster Pershing with less pen.
Object 279 is an IS-7 with 50mm effective less hull armor and more speed, and now doesn’t have a lineup so you can only 1 life match with it.
Object 268 is the Soviet equivalent to Tortoise with more speed.

Soviet tanks are in-line with other tech trees in BR.

It’s just fine, not much to say, quite happy with it, unique playstyle, unique vehicles.
Much harder to play when getting to mid-tier, worst at 9.0/mixed 8.7.
Quite happy since lesson from Russian TT gain a lot of exp for my German TT though.
Model the T-90A/M armor correctly is a must since they just recycle it from T-72B.
And if the FCS on Sprut M is the same as T-90M, give it the vertical speed and pump to 10.7/11.3, i will happy with that.

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Try the French TT

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GER has way less filler then USA, USSR or JPN

OP279 has a Stab, LRF, NVD over IS-7

BR’s sure, USSR 10.0 tanks sit 1 step below their “Western” brothers with overall a higher penning round in 3BM42, combined with base armor and ERA they can handle most enemies.
And most of all, they rarely face full up-tiers since only 3 nations have BR 11.0 vehicles (USA, JPN, ISR)
Look at high tier LT, 2S25(M) have very powerful rounds for their respective BR, anything that comes close like Cent 120, CV90120 are 11.3.

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And the T-72/T-90 has amazing reverse speed bro


it doesn’t have a LRF it has the regular range finder which is not the same.

Is this post a joke?