Why isn't USSR allowed to have anything good?

The community cannot accept USSR having a good lineup. Anytime it is good there are incessant calls to nerf it. I’ve had disgusting messages directed towards me in game just for the crime of destroying other players with my USSR tanks. The following vehicles have been unnecessarily nerfed into irrelevancy after nonstop complaining for months

Obj 120
Object 268
Object 279
The ATGM nerfs hit russia the hardest. All of the tier 6 and 7 tank destroyers are useless now.


You are literally about to get a 10.0 tank from the event that if it was put into any other nation would probably be more like 11+.

I think you need to re-evaluate your stance. A LOT of soviet vehicles are under BRed and you get a constant stream of vehicles every update. Many are very good


this is hilarious ussr has the biggest line ups what are you complaning about


you literally get an insane lineup for every br just with the tech tree alone let alone the event or premium stuff


you are thinking of sweden


You can even do the opposite at certain BRs. get an insanely good full lineup using only event and premiums. no grinding required

sweden only get good line ups at 8.0 while ussr has them at every single br prove me wrong


5.7 lineup was deleted with the ridiculous BR increases of the IS-2. 6.7 is a joke with IS-2s, IS-6 being removed. T-44 is not 6.0+ material.

At 7.7 its very bad T-54 has weak gun, IS-4ms armor is irrelevant, and its gun is low pen and low reload. BMP-1s ATGM is useless since NERF. HEAT round from its gun has very little post pen.

At 8.7 you have slow T-62s with no LRF, useless ATGM carriers. T-55 with terrible APFSDS. The 9.3 and 10.0 lineups just get sucked into full uptiers every match.



With the USSR, life is good comrade. There is no depression!


I think you are not using the vehicles to their fullest potential…

People are still wrecking in everything you mentioned.


It’s fine where it is.

Fair, it should be lower.

Fine where it is

Good at it’s BR.

This went up with everything else when they decompressed 6.7.

These are all fine where they were. The 279 went up because it was super good at it’s old BR.

the 85mm could be 6.3.

Not a Russia specific issue.


Look at Sweden at any BR that isn’t top tier or 8.0. Sweden does not have very many lineups, and has several large SPAA gaps.


He is trolling guys


Good bait, but for those that actually believe it, let me go through those vehicles.

IS6; Good heavy for 7.7, only issue is the reload and depression but by 7.7 RU you should be used to that.

IS2; Both are good for BR

OBJ 120; Steel core APFS-DS isn’t the best, but any lower and it would absolutely destroy, it’s a very unique vehicle and wonky to balance, still isn’t horrible though.

TURMS; should be 10.3 or 10.7, it’s very good with the only real downside being the T-72 reverse speed.

BMP-1; It’s fine where it’s at.

T-62; It’s fine where it’s at

Strela; It’s got the best IR spaa missile in the game outside of Japan’s top tier spaa.

BTR-80a; It’s an autocannon vehicle, they normally aren’t meta, but at BR it’s playable due to the lack of armor in that range.

268; It’s fine where it’s at

279; The UFO is unique, but I think fine considering the nerfs to many of the darts it faces.

T-44; It’s fine where it’s at.


This is one of the most insane takes I have ever seen on the forums. Russia gets fantastic stuff consistently and in the current event it is now about to get a tank with the best shell in the game. Every single one of the vehicles you listed is at least decent at their current BR, and many are great.


That’s just online multiplayer for you, not specific to USSR tanks.

Out of all of those only Object 279 is unfairly treated. It’s back to being the glass cannon it was before decompression. Always got penned by HEATFS, still does.
The rest are in-line with all other vehicles in War Thunder.
T-44? M26, its literal analogue.


It’s a T-72A with thermals and 3BM42, that’s it.
K-1 isn’t enough to make it notably more effective.

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Last thing you want to do is to fire HEATFS at 279.


I still think “The Leo-1 struggled at 7.3” is the worst take I have seen.

This OP’s main issue is one relating to their skill.