Why isn't the sturmtiger on the market?

Why isnt Sturmtiger on the gaijin market but the Object 292 is?

Probably because it wasn’t the same type of event

Is the TOG II on the market?

Was one of those events you either weren’t around for or passed on. The event does not come back. Now, I think the tank comes in the SL box form. Chances of getting it that would be extremely low.

I remember I was not interested in the event, otherwise I would of did the grind or bought it out. I really didn’t have in interest in it. So I shall never own one.


You should have suffered for the memes
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I don’t think it was a coupon.

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They should bring it back again, A lot of people want the Sturmtiger who didn’t play back then or just didn’t have the time for the event.

Cause it was not available as a coupon during its event. The 292 was.

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Because it was a different kind of event altogether. 292 was part of the regular seasonal events while Sturmtiger was more of a gimmicky flash event, you had to be there to get it, exclusivity kind of deal.

Similar to the BM-31-12, which was added for the 2023 Legend of Victory event, that also isn’t on the market. There’s a bunch more like that too