Why is Z-19E deleted

Today i found out that Z-19E is deleted from tech tree and gaijin store anyone know why or will there be some replacement

It has been announced since Oct.1st.

They will bring it back at some point. Probably some time next year

seems like it was selling really poorly

honestly suprises me, since it was a good helicopter for anti air purposes wasnt it, from what i heard many people used it as anti air since chinese arent optimal until tor m1

To introduce FOMO and drive sales.

oh be quiet troll

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What about my statement is factually incorrect or presents to you the idea that I am a troll?

because you are completly wrong, keeping it in the store still would give more sells overall then only returning it during events

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They can bring it back anytime. The threat of removal will drive sales, the return will drive further sales for the FOMO of not getting it while it’s back in the store.

It’s basic marketing.

Man, so true. So true that I’m start to cry now filled with joy

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You stipulate that I’m trolling because they would simply leave it in the store to generate more sales.

What is causing them to remove it from the store?

Why would they choose the option which in your eyes would make them less money?

FOMO is a basic marketing ploy and quite an effective one. It is not difficult to suppose the reasoning for their removal of an extremely effective Helicopter.

The only other possible justification would be they think this helicopter overperforms but they don’t want to hurt the players who have already purchased it so to balance it out will remove it from sale instead.

I don’t find the second option likely.

Your failure to reconcile basic logic doesn’t make me a troll.

overall troll, i didnt specifiy for this thread, sure FOMO is a thing, but isnt necesarily the reason for it at this moment since we dont know the plans they have for the chinese heli tree right this moment, for all we know they wanna give them the taiwanese ah 64 as a premium and as a result decided to take out the Z19E, but you cant seem to think that far

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Then why remove the original?

Why not have two vehicles and offer variety for the player?

I actually doubt that, frankly. If that were true the AH-64D (GR) and AH-64A Peten as well as the Rooivalk should have all been removed far, far earlier than the Z-19E which had and still has a distinct use as an anti-aircraft helicopter. While I don’t agree that Chinese AAs are inadequate until the Tor M1 like what the guy under that message says (I like everything up from the WZ305) the Z-19E is a very strong lineup augmenter and can also spawncamp other helicopters with the TY-90s as well as enemy CAS jets fairly easily - which made it again, very popular. I can remember seeing dozens if not hundreds of Z-19Es in actual games at those BR brackets compared to the almost or nonexistent times I’ve seen people unironically use anything from the AH-64A premiums to the Rooivalk in actual games if it wasn’t me being in those specific vehicles (I only own the Rooivalk out of those 3 prems but case and point)

My personal hypothesis is that

  1. They’re removing it because it was too dominant as a product (spawncamping in GRB etc)
  • Which is weird since by that logic the Ka-50 would have been removed ages ago when it was significantly more dominant
  1. They plan on adding a new Chinese premium helicopter with possibly longer range AGMs than the BA-9s but also with no TY-90s because TY-90s cause too much problems

I personally lean a bit more towards this but honestly I do not know what their reasoning was for this change.

I think sales started dropping off as its BR increased.

You could ask the same for the Rooivalk since the G-LYNX isn’t exactly unusable right now and is basically what happened to the British heli tree. Gaijin seems to retire less useful vehicles from sale entirely (Type 74 (G) being removed just before the Type 16 FPS came to replace it for example) rather than leave them both up to encourage people to buy that vehicle more specifically before they return it for GE (at least that’s my theory)

Yes, but the Z-19E isn’t a “less useful” vehicle it’s one of the best premium helicopters in the game.

The thing is even with its BR bumps it doesn’t change its playstyle even at its current BR of 11.3. If you want to spawncamp or purely deny any air spawns you take TY-90s, rush the enemy heli spawn areas and just well, wait until something spawns. You don’t really not see any of the AAs you wouldn’t have seen at 10.7 since the ground cap is 11.7 and it’s also the second most popular and talked about helicopter for better or for worse

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Yes which is exactly why I don’t get why they removed it to begin with, refer to my comment a few chains above

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