Why is this part of the "easy" daily Daily task?


I find it pretty easy to pull those… Pick a low BR rank 2 plane, and run it alone and it will be .3 BR lower, and you can easily get favorable matches.

Otherwise you go ham on ground targets and nail a few fighters and you’l end up top of the board often anyways.

The real best way to do better overall though, is to squad up with friends, as then you can play more without checking on the progress, and you’ll just get it done.

(Edit - Also, with the tasks overall, get that easy one done as early as you can, then you have more time to slowly push through the medium task)

I know it to be easy…but they have upped it to 5 games???..I usually would choose tasks that take one or just 2 games to accomplish…although at times when choosing one of those “harder” tasks needing a win, you can sometimes end up playing more matches due to unfavorable teams…
By the way…been playing this game since forever

I agree, this is more a “Medium” task, simply because of the number of games required. The only saving grace is that it does not start with the word “Win”, I generally re-roll 95% of those because they take far too long, whether Easy or Medium task. Far too many require a win to progress and in this game’s format that can easily mean 2x - 3x times more games than what is listed to accomplish. I certainly hope this is not a new “trend” for the tasks to progressively become harder/more time consuming. They are not terrible now, but still some work . . . At any rate, I would hope that this particular task was “misplaced” and truly is a Medium task and is moved to that list very soon . … just one more to re-roll past . . . that is becoming expensive with the increasing number of tasks that are just . … . nah. (Please remove the Mission Maker task from ALL AB task lists, it is just a waste of SL’s to go past it almost every day) . . . 8 )

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I see this in the AB list, so I am assuming that is what you do for your tasks as well. Most “Easy” tasks are 2 - 3 games tops to complete, many can be done in 1 game, yeah? . . hence the “easy” designation . . .lol. “Medium” tasks seem to run 5 - 10 games to finish, so that is why I think it has been misplaced. I don’t really “grind” for new vehicles so much anymore, I just do the BP Daily & Special tasks each day and gather in the 3 BP reward vehicles, occasionally I get a new plane here and there, which is fine. All I really have left to get are high tier jets which I don’t really play so . . . just adds to the “collection” . . and yeah, I’ve been here a while myself . . . I was doing the Warbond tasks before the BP even got implemented, so the transition to that was pretty easy for me . . . anyway, good luck

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Same 5 missions in Rank II with the 1-3 place in team popped up for me too today but as Ground Arcade task. Do agree with the @LeChance, this feels more like a medium task, not a ‘easy’ one as easy ones usually required being in top-7 of the team. What makes it silly is that the Air RB alternative for me was to kill ONE base, Gaijin balance at it’s finest.

Either somebody screwed up at Gaijin or this is another scummy attempt to push people spending money.

Encouragement to vary your gamemode, and check the other tasks.

“Higher Than The Sky” only changed to the current 5 missions for Rank II AB tasks this month. No mention in the changelogs. Pretty sure it’s a bug. It used to be "play 1 mission, ending in the top 5, now it’s “play 5 missions, ending in the top 3”. The Rank III AB task is still 4 missions. Bug report: Gaijin.net // Issues


I have come across it as well. It is disgraceful to present this as an “Easy” daily task. Some Medium tasks are easier-faster to do than this.