Why is third person aiming still broken?

Gaijin is doing an esports livestream right now, but how does your esport-ready shooter that’s been in development for over a decade not have a working reticle? One of the most basic things like aiming should probably be a priority.

If there’s anything near whatever you’re aiming at, like a fence or a car, then the reticle snaps downwards to it. You can even make the reticle go crazy by hovering it over an edge of an object, where it will start snapping and unsnapping from it repeatedly. Just make the circle point at what I’m aiming at please.

Skill issue, not a bug.

The aiming point shows the nearest point that intersects with the bore line of sight. It shows that you don’t have a clear line of sight. Its to prevent blind “hip shots” thru walls and concealment.

I have a line of sight and I can make the same shot if I go into first person, it just snaps the reticle away from the enemy in third person.

It is absolutely a bug that started a few days ago or something. You can be aiming your barrel 45 degrees into the sky in an open field right at an airplane, with 100% clear bore line of sight and where if you fire, you will indeed hit the airplane, but the crosshair can be on a bush on the ground.

I have not seen this. Maybe a gaming chair problem?

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The main issue lies with the fact that we have no “aim point” we have an area" anything in that area can be the focus and it is upt to gaijins scripting to decide what that is.

This is usefull for fyling as it allows for fluidity in aiming and movement, it is bad for ground as it gets confused

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I think gunner skill influences this. I never trust 3rd person aiming until a gunner is maxed out, but then you can make silly shots like yesterday I one-shotted a BT-42 at 300m in a Pz38t firing from the hip at a full gallop. Would totally have never made that shot looking thru the sight.
The game has all kinds of behind the scenes shenianigans like that. Its very RNG. Sometimes you get Gaijined and sometimes you Gaijin someone else.

It’s been an ‘issue’ in the game forever now and it’s mostly a problem with parallax. Aiming from the commanders position (or worse, from above the tank) removes your camera from the LOS of the barrel. Even worse, the angle the camera is at is DIFFERENT from that of the bore, so some calculations need to be done to convert from camera space to world space then to tank space.

First, the pixel that you aim with at the camera is converted into 3D coordinates (usually done in games by just doing a raycast from camera origin in the direction it’s facing). This is where the big issue is. You perceive the game as a 2D screen, when it’s actually 3D. It makes it hard to know exactly where you’re aiming at at any instant.

After the 3D coordinates of your presumed aim position are found, the tank moves it’s bore so that the LOS intersects with the aim position. The ‘reticle’ you see hits the first object that the bore LOS sees (bushes fences etc) to prevent abuse of the aiming system. It feels wonky because it IS wonky. The parallax effect is a real nightmare to compensate for manually, since your perspective is always different from the bore’s perspective. The only way to eliminate this is to look through the bore.

I feel like Gaijin’s implementation works fine. It’s a skill issue on your end. (You can actually use the reticle to find people in smoke near you but don’t tell people I told you that)