Why is there no WEP percentage?

With planes having multiple stages of WEP, how is it we still have a single indicator for this?
My fuel usage was through the roof because I was permanently on max WEP/afterburner until I figured out there are several stages to it, and using a lower stage is a lot more sustainable.

Yet the UI, what still looks like a debug menu for some reason, just says WEP, despite the gauges in the plane does showing a change in fuel flow, this is not reflected in the UI.

Now we seemingly just have to guess what our WEP percentage is? Having to lower the throttle multiplier to ensure I can use a lower range of WEP and just count the amount of presses.

Honestly I feel like we should have gotten an actual UI 10 years ago, even with WW2 planes it doesn’t convey information well, but it seems this is also just lazy to not list it, and I doubt many people even know WEP stages are a thing.


It tells me everything I need to know…

Propose new UI in suggestions and tag me.

It tells me everything I need to know…

And what is that?

I actually have a suggestion in for exactly this (or kind of) :

I really don’t get why that is not in the game yet, sometimes I wonder if Gaijin just stole the game from someone and doesn’t really know how to change anything at it’s core and only add on simple things.

I’ve been using the T-2 and F-1 and I don’t think they have multiple stages at least, but there is a lot more range in the WEP and it’s not just 1 mode, with my scroll wheel I do about 1-2% of throttle and I can scroll 6 times whilst in WEP where my fuel usage increases, so that’s roughly 10% that just isn’t displayed at all, yet the difference between 101% and 110% is a massive different in fuel consumption.

localhost shows fuel consumption at a 100% at 33L, at max WEP it’s a whopping 118L, yet at lowest WEP it’s only 50L… so almost 70 liters of fuel consumption difference is hidden under WEP.

Yep, it drives me nuts. In essence, 90% of the game was built 10 years ago and hasnt been updated since. All the more advanced/modern elements are just bodges ontop of that code. I think thats why we still dont have split flares and chaff. They tried and it broke the game. There are so many mechanics that just feel… half finished

  • Radar controls
  • Flares/Chaff
  • CCRP
  • Ripple mode
  • Throttle controls

To name a few. These could all do with scrapping and starting again


The GJN executive decision tree goes like this:

Will this change make more profit?
Yes = proceed to add change
No = proceed back to drawing board

Yep, Im expecting thing like flare/chaff and CCRP overhaul when the Su-24 is added

And it has always just been bad


What is what? There’s a Mk108 30mm, a 20mm MG 151 and a 20mm MG FF/m with different belts.


Do I have to memorize the stat card, which is also in a different order, from 30mm, FF/M to 20mm where in game it’s 20mm, 30mm and then FF/M.

Cross reference the ammo count? Which only works at the start of the game.


But then on the modules it’s not in the same order either,

It’s already bad design to have to bind all these different guns, a button for small caliber, one for large caliber, additional guns, primary weapons, secondary weapons, rockets, missiles, bombs etc.

But I guess that’s what you get when your UI rivals that of a 2002 game.

Yep. I wish the UI was dramatically more configurable. Its 2024, not 2004. I should be able to toggle anything and everything I want and move it to where-ever I want.

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It’s all just so lazy as well, when they replaced the models in air modes with the detailed models you now get a kill cam, which is directly in place of the mini map for like 5 seconds, it’s just sloppy and poorly thought out.

Yeah, one thing I never have to deal with in SB as we don’t have a minimal

I haven’t played Sim a lot but I can’t imagine it not having it’s own issues.

It has 1000s

From buggy objectives / lack of objectives


Poorly made economy and botters

But it does have a few advantages. I just can’t play ARB above about BR6 anymore. And only because I’ve yet to learn how to play Props. It’s a lot harder than jets (with SAS modes)

I need to try it out again sometime, the whole mouse control thing just feels so awkward.

Ah yeah, I never could figure that out, but bought a cheap joystick which I used for quite a while