Why is there no information on bug reporting?

I know it got relocated to an entirely different website for some reason, but why is that not listed anywhere? At least I cannot find it.
How are people supposed to find this place?
I cannot find a sticky or anything directing people to this website which seems like an important thing to do, no?

The technical support section is also excluded from the category selection on the left side which does not seem logical.

You can find it in game menu.

That’s not where I would look for it at least.


You mean the bug report site?

Link available in the first paragraph.

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Here now, at the very bottom

I see… maybe they should clarify it’s bug reporting and not just ‘reporting’ as I assumed it was about player reporting and not bug reporting, although it probably just deserves it’s own post I’d say.


You can find it at the bottom of every page on the forum:

Or alternatively, it can be found in game:

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After trying to find it and failing to do so, I do think it should be shown somewhere a bit more obvious, I don’t recall the last time I ever looked at the bottom of a page for something, ever.

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Reporting procedure was about player reporting, yet someone decided it should now also include bug reporting?

On the Steam forum you have the same topic where it’s about player reporting, but on this forum you just shoveled in the part about bug reporting, why would you do that?
If I looked for it on Steam and it’s not in there, I’m not going to look on the WT forum in the exact same thread.


The “Who is who” topic has included information about raising a support ticket for account issues and bug reporting for some time now. This was included on the old forum, too. It wasn’t “shoveled” in there, it was included probably because some may see “reporting procedure” and assume bug reporting is included. I can also tell you as a moderator, I’ve received many PMs over the years asking to report bugs, so including that information there is useful and actually did help reduce those occurrences. As for why it’s not included on Steam, not sure, not my area.

Some may indeed see ‘reporting procedure’ and assume bug reporting is involved, but those who do not will struggle to find how to report bugs because it doesn’t’ say ‘bug reporting’ like one would expect to see.

It can act as a secondary place to find it, but what is the primary place to find it?

Smin showed the two primary places that I am aware of in his post above.

Yeah, that’s what I was worried about.
Beyond me why there just can’t be a sticky for bug reporting, doesn’t seem that difficult.