Why is there more and more cheaters, and gajin dosen't do nothing?

Hi, i would like to ask Gaijin staff, why is there more and more cheaters and why you do nothing about it? Even when people are reported for many weeks. From WH and aimboting to people shooting thru concrete blocks, walls and other models of the map. Have even saw where guy was shooting with destroyed breach and cannon. Reported that guy 10 times, sent you replays and i still see guy in my games regularly cheating after couple of month reporting him. Why you don’t ban that kind of players ?


Do you report throughthr replay ststem or in game it self. Need to report via replay

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Its rather pointles tbh.

They got a “working” “anti-cheat” and playing in the morning in Denmark is just horrible (i wont mention what nation is VERY active at that point)

I get killed the most silly ways and when i then look through the teams, i will see ATLEAST 2 who are botting ( example 200 kills and 1000 deaths) in naval and fairly often some with some truly insane stats in ground.

I’m not impressed with the effort.


Report suspects via the replay feature and they will be investigated