Why is the XM1069 11.7



Are these two missiles a 1.0 BR difference?

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Adats missile has both a smokeless motor and more range (and pull). Its gun and missiles also have multi role capabilities. I’ve punched through some really strong and armored top tier tanks with the missiles before, don’t underestimate it. (Fact check me if I’m wrong but I think the adats has passive target locking too)

The other missile is notorious for losing speed after burning its motor, flying brick after a bit, also low vertical range too. It’s just not a great missile overall, but it looks pretty good on paper.

Although I could imagine the Canadats at 11.3 given its lack of a gun and m113 chassis, the missile would stomp anything from 10.3-11.0 with no mercy.

TLDR / Simple answer; balance, pros and cons on each missile puts it in their respective Br


I’m gonna be real chief, the ADATS missile’s range is about -3km than what it’s actually listed as. After about 6-7km, the missile loses all momentum and straight up just drops way behind where you’re aiming.

As for the “more pull” part, it’s only during the first .75 seconds, maybe a solid second or so right on launch, but after that it doesn’t pull as hard as listed.

And the fact that it has an 8.3 IFV’s gun with the proper rate of fire doesn’t mean it’s amazing. Sure if you manage to flank in the vehicle as tall as the Empire State Building, the APDS works, butt that’s a rare occurance in this vehicle.

I’m not agreeing with the OP here however, as putting it lower wouldn’t fix the main issue with the ADATS being it’s classified as a TD, when all you have is a higher ROF Bradley gun with missiles that really are only accurate under 300-400m.

That’s not an ADATS thing though, it’s the same for all missile SPAA.


Because it can shoot ground and air targets so anything less would be OP.

More or less what has already been said. Plus a faster missile with larger explosive mass. The gun has more pen too.
Congrats on reaching the top US spaa though.

Its a tank destroyer not an spaa. top spaa is XM975

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It is both but labelled as a SPG at the moment so fair. It was a spaa when it entered the game and is still in the spaa line so I personally consider it a spaa first and SPG second.

It is an SPAAG, but it would be nice if it were considered such. I don’t care if it sits at a permanent 110SP, or even maybe 150, but it’s annoying that it costs so much to hop in, because it really is you’re only option when it comes to somewhat effective SPAAG at top tier.

The missiles have only 900 pen and are not tandem, there are no MBTs after 10.0 other than the Ariete that can’t resist the missile if it isn’t placed on a weakspot.

Further, the gun is not stabilized making any mobile combat impossible. This coupled with the launcher’s inability to depress means the missiles are limited to self defense at best. You are only given 8 missiles, if it takes 2+ to kill a tank you now only have ~4 possible shots on air targets.

What massive BR difference in Air RB begins at 10.7 that 10.3 would be too low for the XM1069? There are multiple helicopters with RWR and Thermals at 10.3 which also have access to hellfires. The same equipment found on helicopters at 11.7

What is the vehicle that would be put upon if the XM1069 BR was lowered to 11.3?


Oh that reminds me, what’s the deal with the higher rof? I’m sure it sacrifices velocity ofc or something and increases the ability to hit the target while making barrel overheating much easier? Very curious…

More bullets = More chance to hit

The ADAT’s autocannon is meant to hit air targets.

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IRL the Bradley can fire any ROF ranging from 200-500. The Bradleys in game fire 201… And to add insult to injury, the ADATS fires at it’s full capability, 500, but lacks lawn darts so it’s just worst for no reason

The standard rate of fire is 200, the Bradley isn’t designed to engage primarily air targets, its ROF is correct.

The ADATs is a prototype vehicle it was tested before newer ammunition was in service, it also doesn’t need APFSDS to be more functional. Gaijin needs to add the M-Shorad at some point to bring the US SPAA line to 11.7 / 12.3, they can’t do that until they model the AGM-114L.

Yes, optical.

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Missing the point entirely, which was that the Bradley is locked at 201 RPM when it can switch from anywhere between 200-500 RPM.

Also yeah I know it was a prototype, kinda why it’s called XM1069, and once again you misunderstand the point. I was comparing that the ADATS gets the faster fire rate in exchange for no darts, when both should have 500 RPM fire rate and darts.

“can switch” the gun can fire faster, the Bradley does not use the faster ROF.

The ADATs doesn’t get faster ROF because of ingame balancing, it was designed to shoot faster because it was designed to shoot air targets.

The XM1069’s classification as a tank destroyer is both disingenuous and produces a false narrative. The ADATs is a SHORAD. It should be balanced as such. Its missiles are not viable in any engagement beyond defensive shots if a vehicle is overwhelming the spawn. Even then they do not have enough penetration to overwhelm most tank’s frontal armor requiring multiple shots through weakspots. The gun is not stabilized and the missiles can not depress.

This vehicle is overtiered and should be placed at 11.3

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As much as I agree, moving it to 11.3 doesn’t accomplish much of anything. What Gaijin REALLY needs to do is allow the missile launcher to elevate it’s full 85°, which would really help it out more than I think people know.


With 12.7 being the defacto top tier BR due to the 12.7 CAS, I think it does. US has a solid 11.3 lineup, you could completely evade high tier CAS and the usually top of the line tanks being used alongside it.