Why is the world's best ATGM - The worst in War Thunder?

An ATGM that has the best guidance method and controls and is jamming proof - has the lowest chance of hitting.

An ATGM that has far higher relative penetration than any ground launched ATGM in game - has the lowest chance of penetration.

An ATGM that can acquire lock through the scout drone - needs LoS to lock on in game.

Why is the currently best ATGM in service in the world - The worst ATGM (for its respective BR) in War Thunder?
Why, on the other hand, are the worst AFVs in the world - The best in War Thunder?


Because they are lazy AF and they don’t want Spikes to be good nor usefull but in the other hand this gimmick with drone would be overpowered AF and should not be implemented. They should just change how they behave. Spikes after launch target gun mantlet or driver port not matter in which direction is tank moving. It leads to shots that target the toughest place the tank can have and often do 0 damage. I don’t talk about it losing lock and self destroy almost 80% of the time when tank you aiming at move from your LoS like it would be laser guided.


Also worth mention in a fact that Spike can be used as a direct fire and top attack missile, has 2 cameras and it’s fly path can be adjusted by the gunner mid-air. Also has lock on after launch system and can hit targets behind cover without direct line of sight.


they said many times that they are not going to add mid fly course adjustment as we all remember how the swedish atgm vechicle during warthunder 2077 event was aka shoot up and control it into enemy tank that just spawned hell no nobody wants that

  • Because of how damage works in this game. Disabling a tank IRL can be a death sentence or result in the abandonment of the vehicle, have the gun pipe or breech destroyed in game? back in the action in 30 secs.

  • 99% claustrophobic/blind corner map design makes most ATGM vehicles unusable or suck.


The abundance of capabilities of the Spike provide Gaijin with many different options for implementing the missile that truly gives it the edge as IRL, without breaking the game. They chose the laziest implementation.


Spikes should be bad. One of the worst parts of World of Tanks is getting killed from across the map by SPGs. I don’t see any reason for War Thunder to replicate that experience any more than they already have with CAS.

I have a weird feeling it might be because of this.

F&F mechanics with few counter measures feel awful to play vs, so it might explain the Spikes performance? Just a guess though.

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First, gaijin is still figuring how to make FNF missiles lock when the target is hiding most of it’s hull.
Second, in real world, things like spike is used to destroy targets thousands metres away, not throwing face to face.
Finally, in real world, crew will abandon the vehicle once get critical damage, but not in WT.
So, even gaijin fixed the locking problem, things like spike can’t be as useful as normal missiles in most time. You can’t hit enemy’s weak point as you wish, you can’t lauch when too close, things like this won’t be changed. It’s a game, many things are different from real world.

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Cause no one has simulated overpressure in the video game industry, and ATGM overpressure is especially fickle.
Gaijin’s doing a first and they’re struggling to do it accurately.

They LL probably implement it when it will come to F&F missiles from other side of iron curtain. But I agree with this statement that noone want to get killed from 4-5km with Spike but in the other hand you can get killed by GBU from 6km above and you also can’t do much about it in a MBT


I’m not suggesting to implement FO&U mode. It can be F&F only, but the implementation may vary.

If the game does not properly replicate the relationship between weapon systems IRL, and even reverses that relationship - it’s bad game design.

I proposed once a selectable (including mid-flight) impact point for Spike - center/front/rear/direct-fire(center). This would make it more difficult to use, especially for snap reactions, but would make it much more viable.

Russia and China are two examples of nations that despite the expense - put a lot of things on tracked platforms, and also utilize generally more “crude” solutions as well as independent system operations concept that in game all translate to better performance.
For western nations, with their larger more cumbersome platforms, and thus less suitable for War Thunder - the balancing factor could be in the implementation of their more advanced systems.
But if you make their systems also worse, or put all these nations on par, then western nations in WT will be significantly disadvantaged.

It’s quite absurd that a very modern Vilkas is less capable than a rusty BMP-2M.


A little mistake, China isn’t like ruaaia, they developed advanced missiles later than others, so, they don’t have much things like 9M133, HJ-9 is more like a bigger TOW in usage. When China had the ability to develop new missiles, they got HJ-10 and HJ-12, they just skipped things like 9M133. HJ-11 is China version of 9M133, but wasn’t adopted.

And, Berezhok is more advanced than most people think, the turret is for BTR-90, but now on BMP-2M, it has the best equipments, not worse than NATO vehicles. Although BMP-2’s hull is kind of rusty.

On a bug report regarding the QN502CDD they said they won’t give LOAL (Lock-On after launch) because it will allow you to shoot at targets without leaving the spawn. I assume the spikes don’t have it for the same reason.


Link to the bug report

I was talking about platforms. Aside from the Pantsir, Russia has a much larger share of modern tracked vehicles than the west which made a shift in many roles toward wheeled vehicles that with few exceptions are going to be generally worse in WT.

Berezhok may be more advanced than the Warrior’s turret, but it doesn’t come close to modern turrets. Most western turrets use a 30mm Bushmaster and Spikes. The Berezhok uses obsolete 2A42 gun and Kornet missiles. Compared to the TOW they’re fairly modern and capable, but highly limited compared to modern ATGMs.

It’s about implementation. LOAL is not necessary, there are other options.

That’s because gaijin changed the wheels frictional force coefficient, in more than half a year ago, and make every wheeled vehicle sufer, excet those with good engines. Wheeled vehicles should be better than now.
Besides, 2a42 is a good gun, even compared to Bushmaster, but Russians do need to improve their ammo, 3UBR11 is very out dated and they even dont’t use much, mostly 3UBR8.
As for Russian’s love for Kornet, part of the reason is for their poor electronic technology, another is that they want things like a powerful, cheat and multifunctional rocket lunched cannon, anti tank is just a part. No one likes throwing a expensive FNF missile on a brick building.

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No, that’s because many vehicles that will be added in the future are actual, simple trucks designed for road, not combat vehicles.

The 2A42 is incredibly inaccurate. In WT it’s much more accurate than it is IRL.

The topic is that against tanks Kornet is IRL very much inferior to the Spike. So in game it should be inferior as well.


I discussed this, this can’t be fixed unless gaijin add new big flat maps which everyone will suffer.
In game, vehicles face different environment, not like real world.

its not inferior to spike it is better in some ways compared to spike its just not F&F so its inferior in your opinion