Why is the VIDAR at 7.7

The VIDAR shouldn’t be at a 7.7br with all its features like the LRF and mk2 thermals with fast reload a decent armor and good mobility. Why is it at 7.7?. Please set it at least to 8.3br


Because Sweden is truly handheld. Ofcourse they get the best HE slinger at a criminal BR.


because they want premium sales, they will fix it’s BR later


Because being overpowered is a selling point.





I ask the same thing why the ZSU-37-2 is 7.7 where in a full down tier it’s potentially facing prop planes. 2 plane stabilizer, and radar assist…makes no sense.

Vidar is artillery that is incorrectly classified at 7.7, it completely destroys the fun of playing simulation battles, it has thermal vision, a laser ranger, where the tanks on the other side have to rely on their eyesight and skills.

Because it’s not that good, you’re overrating it

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because zsu 37 2 has very short range
i think the range was around 1.5 km and its super inaccurate


@Smin1080p When can the Vidar be expected to be moved to its real BR rating?

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Because memes, same reason the PUMA released at 8.3 lmao.

They’ll nerf it hopefully soon, it should probably be at least 8.3 but more like 8.7-9.0 with its stats to be honest

Why do a lot of russian and chinese tanks escape BR changes?

These are answers we may never know


Vidar is Swedish genius.

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Because it is the tank du jour from a country which never had the balls to go to war. Now real combative countries suffer. Swedish blue UN helmets have no place in this game!

I think the joke just flew over your head and went into low earth orbit

@Stona_WT When can we expect the VIDAR to be moved to its real BR Rating?

I’m sure it will go up… when the sales start to dip

Yes I want to know when this date will be since it’s preplanned

Should possibly be at even higher (8.7 or 9.0 at least)

It’s premium so after a good 2 months. Notice how there is no reply from them…