Why is the ussr figthing itself every game in RB?

I have never seen a match where a country fought itself in RB before the obj292 got added.

The matchmaker does that if too many players queue up for the same nation.

It helps boost Russia loss rates artificially so they have excuses to buff them.


Too many russian players in queue probably.

USA has been permanently fighting itself in most games at top tier air RB ever since the F14 was added because of how many players are playing that nation.


Civil wars happen.

Just another quality element of this great game

Gaijin has much better statistics than thunderskill virgins so they dont really care about stuff like this

Russia can’t lose if it’s on both teams.

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Wonder why



It was wrong decision to let players buy event prizes.now we got only “objects” in grond, Mississippi in naval and so on.

Triumphant battles 10 on10))) thanx 4 bptask

Yeah, sure they do. They say they do, but will not share them. If you’re not open and honest I have no trust in anything you say.

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Events are only a small part of the problem, it was completely absurd however to add a new event tank to the most popular BR and the most popular nation that 100% did not need it, followed by adding another premium shortly after, it’s complete and utter disregard for game balance and health, but of course money money money.

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Ontop of an ever increasing % of players changing over to Russia because they’re tired of losing to the Bias Nation.

Can’t beat em’ so might aswell join em’, right?

Fraggin’ Gaijoob.

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It is an op tank for its br and they are all using it. Called flavour of the month

We only have your word that you are even human 😆

Im not a word.

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Old enough to be your father I’m sure. I don’t play the same games as you children do obviously…sending/having those oics.

Isnt it realistic that way, since theyre pretty much fighting themselves now?