Why is the UK's ADATS (M113) the same BR as the American ADATS (XM1069)

I imagine the first response to this will be something like: “Well they’re both ADATS, so they’re both the same BR.” and from that its clear they haven’t even looked at the two vehicles. Yes, they both have the same Radar/IRST and Missiles.

That’s all they share.

Now lets look at some of the differences:
-XM1069 uses the Bradley hull which is similarly armored, but much more mobile and much more space between the crew.
-XM1069 has an extra gun in addition to its ATGMs, that provide excellent light target defense (from IFVs to Helicopters this gun will shred most of them head-on with a downside of a potential ammo rack, as if the missiles weren’t a big enough target)
-XM1069: -9/59° elevation
-ADATS (M113): -4/85° elevation

Basically, for the for the UK’s ADATS you gain gun elevation, but lose out on mobility, survivability, 25mm autocannon and an extra 5° gun depression.

While I understand the elevation is a big aspect for AA, I’m also pretty sure you can overcome the elevation difference by aiming 3rd person after locking the target and following them with the cursor as the Missiles still elevate, but the camera is locked to the gun’s elevation. The extra depression may not sound that useful either, but I’ve had several aircraft kills I couldn’t get because I was on a slight incline.

Even at top tier, there have been BR splits for vehicle upgrades less significant than adding an extra gun (greatly increasing your potential lethality), and upping the mobility.

I don’t expect this to cause any change in-game (as much as it’d be nice to have an 11.3 ADATS) but I more want to hear some opinions of why there is no BR split, or is Gaijin just shitting on the UK.

If you can think of any other differences feel free to let me know.

This all you need mostly vs mbt.

As spaa UK ADATS better because smoke + elevation > gun

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Since the release of the 2A7V / 122B+ / T90M (or other 11.7s with the exception of Abrams), I have hit them with several missiles not once killing any of the new vehicles, doing no damage each time (if it even hits). I fully believe the lack of a tandem charge and lackluster pen of the missile makes these new vehicles almost entirely frontally immune to the ADATS missile (other than lower plate shots or over pressuring top of the turret shenanigans).

Don’t get me wrong, its still a decent ATGM, but its nowhere as near effective enough to keep it considered an tank destroyer vehicle while fighting other 11.7 MBTs. The 25mm opens the option of track and barrel torture to at least get away, if not get a side shot in with the missiles. It is invaluable to the Anti-Tank function of the vehicle.

Smoke launcher is a nice addition tho.

This number is very misleading as it is referring to the 25mm cannon on the top. The missile launchers have 0/85° so really it’s worse than the Canadian one.