Why is the Strela at 9.3 after every 8.3 tank was moved to 8.7

This tank is fundamentally stronger than every other SPAA at the same BR range yet it remains under tiered and now prevalent against subsonic jets

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The Strela-10M2 was 9.0 before the br changes and got moved up like the majority of all other vehicles.

Its currently the same br as the Type 93, SANTAL, and Machbet which is fair as its missile lock range is worse than stingers (half of what stingers get for front aspect) and it has no search function or thermals (or even NVD but that’s a moot point now). What it gets in return is better missile maneuverability and larger payload.

Cause SPAA is balanced based on aircraft, not ground vehicles.

Also it carries less missiles and has less ready to launch than all but the Machbet.

“this other issue justifies this issue”

All missile SPAA should be 9.7+ BR as current BR changes necessitate it

I disagree. The aircraft they fight begin to have guided weapons in the 9.0 br range and longer range systems are needed to counter them. And no current br changes don’t necessitate anything for the Strela either as it has already gone up accordingly from 9.0 to 9.3 like every other vehicle. For the others, they are perfectly fine were they are as well.

Who has guided weapons at 9.0

A-4s, Fj-4B, G-91s and some other planes.

They were mostly affecting tanks, while MANPADS vehicles are kinda… Not fighting tanks, but planes

But actually kinda agree that Strela should be moved up or other MANPADS moved down (at least SANTAL and Type93). Strela obviously deals more damage (cause more explosive mass) and have some sort of self-defence (yeah, PKT isnt great, but well… It can do some damage to vehicles with exposed crew, like M113 TOW or UDES 33 and well… Type 93 too. Ah, and mark people with MG and shoot planes or helis(mostly helis) which are too close).

Then why did many spaa go up in the br changes

Those aren’t guided missiles those are rockets with hand control which is not feasible in 90% of combat scenarios.

But… Thats exactly what makes them guided… Like… You can guide them. Manually. With your hands. Thats what make munitions guided. Idk idk what you mean “not feasible”. Its just isnt the case here.

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Yes if you want to ignore the actual combat uses of the missiles then you can say they are guided. Just like you can say an HVAR is an ATGM.

And you are the one who ignores its actualy combat use. Idk, if you are using Bulpups, Nords or Kh-23 as simple HVAR - okay, but its your problem. Other people uses them as they should be used (and many uses them with good efficiency).
And yet again, they are guided (because you can guide them)
P.S. Oh, and i forgot about helis

strela is pretty silly if u know theres one spawned you can counter it by flying from sun direction and just kill it which is pretty funny. It has its issues like machbet, sidam which makes it pretty bad in some situations. Santal looks pretty good compared to those with search radar thermals and no useless gun that only raises its br.

A4 gets tv guided bombs

Yes the A4-Early should be 9.3 but because of its Air v Air performance Gaijin has it at 8.7

Decoupling Air v Air BRs / Ground v Air BRs would also be a very good thing to change