Why is the Strela a lower BR than the Ozelot?

The Strela, with the recent battle rating changes got moved down to 9.3 for balancing reasons. Did majority of the community agree with that? NO! It was perfectly fine where it sat. Now it is lower BR than the Ozelot with significantly better missiles than the Ozelot. Why is that Gaijin?


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Where do we find every player of the game ?
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It has no thermals or search radar at all.
Also, Ozelot is much smaller and faster so it can hide much more easily.

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Ozelot has thermals, irst, further lock range on jets, and is able to hit helis up to 2.5km out while the strela locks at 1km.
Supposedly, there have been IR changes to make it easier to hit helis but we will have to see how that goes as the update just dropped a few hours ago.

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wrong, with the new optical lock feature the range of the strella is way higher

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I pointed that out in my reply. If that new mechanic actually works well enough, we will see the strela move up next br change.

Ozelot should be 9.3 or 9.0. You can defeat its missiles by simply turning with how pitiful the overload is and it would still be outranged by starter heli ATGMs.

I have no idea why it is 9.7. Also trying to kill SU-25s with it is a futile effort.

Those planes are usually the easiest to hit, mostly because their pilots are going afk half of the times.
But still, they are known to tank several Stingers and still get back to base.

Battle rate must be changed. There are 3 SPAA in 9.3, Strela, Ozelot, Chaparral. They are armed only missle which is not allow to launch without lock. And Lock-On range is seriously different. I made screenshot at test flight when aircraft comes close.

Strela. Aircraft is just over smoke.

FIM-92K. Aircraft moves more.

Chaparral. Aircraft is much higher(mean closer) then before.

Ozelot should get Datalink with FIM-92K

And datalink would be stronger than contrast since you can lock with IRST during night or when there is terrain in the background

Data link AND 22g please

The optical was a buff but in actual combat, i havent seen optical lock on to planes past like 4km in a while. Seems like they nerfed it so that, unless the weather is perfectly clear, the max lock is same as IR. I still expect the strela to go up in the next br change just because the optical always for heli locks a bit further away than the strela

Most aircraft don’t have flares until about 9.7 BR.

So why are Strela and Ozelot allowed to face aircraft as low as 8.3 and 8.7, respectively?

I don’t see a F-86 Sabre or G.91 standing much chance at all if either of these MANPAD systems are in place.

You don’t need flares to dodge FIM-92K, they are pretty heavily nerfed.