Why is the Stormer HVM so bad?

If its a mixed fuse missile the impact not working will lead to the proxy also failing. So its more 50/50 if you’ve got a mixed fused missile. If its impact only its very apparent. Naturally Starstreak is impact only so its very obvious that its broken.

LMM is mixed fused but that’s largely not relevant to the issue players are currently experiencing.

It is a high priority for the devs but I cannot speak to any of the exact details of it. You’d need Community Manager for that.

The issue with the Stormer is the lack of IFF (allegedly), the fact that it sets off MAW’s, the clipping through aircraft, the low penetration, and when you do pen sometimes it does nothing. A Tu-14 ate 5 Starstreaks and he only died to a type 16’s Sabot.

Stormer lacking IFF has been reported. It should have it.

Out of curiosity, who is the community manager?

Smin. Why he’s called that I don’t know.

Helpful list of the staff;

But it disproportionately effects British vehicles/weapon systems. The exact same as the APDS bugs last year. All nations have some APDS, but Britain is the only nation dependent on it.

I’ve not noticed the missile fuse problem for any missiles except the starstreak. It definitely doesn’t seem to have any effect on the Vikhr (shock and horror!).

The vikhr has a proxy fuse though.

It feels like a 10.3 vehicle though. In the brief intervals between it being broken, it’s great.

Sure, the lock range is artificially gimped, the missiles have the absolute minimum range gaijin could get away with and the missiles fly like a bus, but it does work it it’s holidays from being broken.

Tbh, I’m so jaded with it now. It’s stuck in a never ending cycle of broken → not broken → broken → not broken so it’s clearly either a case of not caring or being unable to keep it working.

Remember a while back when on snow maps the missiles just went on a little holiday when fired and zoomed off to see the clouds? Like, how the hell does that even happen?

That’s my fear with another star streak vehicle. It’s not the stormer that’s at fault, it’s the stupid missile so other vehicles would have the same issue.

This is why I keep pushing for the LMM. Not because it’s great, but because it’s far more like other missiles in game and therefore stands more chance of working reliably.

I know I’m screaming into the void here, the 3 months says it all about how much gaijin care but Jesus wept, they just need to give it the lmm or just scrap the entire vehicle and replace it with a chaparral or something.

Apparently it also messes with fuses if it has impact and proxy.

All I know is that it’s yet another example of British vehicles/weapons being left in the shitter for months. This never happens to Russia. Saying it isn’t specific to UK is disingenuous. Is UK the only nation suffering because of this? No. Is the UK the nation suffering most from this bug? Yes.

Then they act surprised when UK mains have a victim complex on the forums. Like it isn’t justified by years of neglect and bias.


No need to imagine, Russia mains have been screeching like banshees because the SMT isn’t superior to the F-16C. Like it’s still an amazing jet, but it’s not the absolute best, meta-defining aircraft, so it’s not good enough for Russia mains.

Don’t let him derail the thread.

You cried about the opposite in over 20 posts, on things that had nothing to do with the thread.

Anyway this is offtopic

Pretty sure stormers should have more pen than they do ingame

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I’m 99% sure they reduced the penetration a while ago, as well as making the booster not do any damage I think.

Earlier, I killed a leopard 1 and something else with it. I’m going to use it as a tank destroyer from now on as it’s utterly broken in the ground to air mode.


iirc, they nerfed its pen through the floor so that it couldnt be used as an ATGM launcher.

Be nice if we could get that undone.

It strikes me that a sabot petal, built to be as light as possible, would not given more damage and penetration than a tungsten dart flying at you at Mach-whateverGainjinNerfedItTo.


Even if it aluminum at that speed it should have more pen. I don’t like those type of nerfs tbh


I remember the golden days of the stormer, just before sons of atilla I think? It locked on targets, it tracked those targets, the missiles did damage when they hit and didn’t move like a bus.

The first sign of trouble was the change to make the irst lock onto flares and missiles. Then we got the flight changes which are just… bad and now we have the phasing thing.

If the stormer was an animal, it would have been put out it’s misery a long time ago.


A) Give Stomer LMM if the devs can’t fix Starstreak. Its obviously not working out after years of battling with this vehicle.
B) if Stormer HVM in general is posing too much of a technical issue - Give us Tracked Rapier. Stormer AD. Something else that fills the gap and isn’t such a pain to code.
C) substitute Stormer out with some other treees vehicle for the time being, until Stormer is ready for public use.

This SPAA plays like a goddamn alpha test. Its missing a ton of its features, it phases through targets or does no damage, it’s a complete trainwreck. There’s no shame in saying “its too busted, have something to replace it” but leaving it like this for as long as it has - Its a disgrace