Why is the R-73 so bad?

So this thing flails around like a mentally insane idiot half the time , and cannot even hit the target.

Also the flare resistance on this thing is garbage.
Even at point blank ranges, sometimes it just eats flares too easily. The only reliable way is to fire directly from behind , unlike 9M.

İf they were going to add the version of R-73 with a garbage seeker and weak IRCCM why did they add the 9M?

I’m not saying nerf 9M , just buff this garbage R-73 along with Magic 2s. Right now their post launch FOV is 0.70 degrees , GAIJIN made that number up anyways , make it 0.60-0.50 and it will be good.

Meanwhile the F-16C is carrying 4 invisible extremely difficult to flare 9Ms and 8 guided munitions while having the best flight performance in the game and ruining ground RB


I would agree, the terrible Instructor flight model of the MiG-29s with the soso R73s versus the best top tier flight model and invisible missiles. Also the F-16C can almost carry more ordnance on 1 pylon vs the entire SMT.

The R73s seem to miss a lot, I’ve had <1.5km shots miss from the side, top and bottom on unaware targets. Front shots are pointless. I would honestly rather have Aim-9Ls right now.

I used to fly out of the MiG-29 to clear the skies of CAS and Helis in GRB, now I don’t even use it, its not worth the repair cost.


it baffles me how garbage the MIG-29 combined with the R-73 is. The R-73 eats more flares than pre nerf 9L for real. The guidance and autopilot of the R-73 is broken as hell as well, misses easy shots, LEADS TOO MUCH for some reason and loses all its speed wobbling when flying


There seems to be some bugs around prox fuse. Even 9Ms and R-27ERs.

But I don’t agree with this. Its pretty decent enough if theres no prox bug


No no , it isn’t about the proxy , the missile just misses , doesn’t happen with any other missile in the game. I know the proxy bug is happening to every missile , but this is not that , the guidance is broken

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funny thing is, I’ve had pretty good success with the R-73 as long as I don’t use it in the way you think you should. It fails terribly at being a dogfight missile. It excels at catching people by surprise, by dropping down on them after the initial BVR joust. As long as the target doesn’t pop a flare right away, they’re pretty well done.

But yeah, if it doesn’t get time to “warm” up to the target before they pop a flare, it gets defeated just as easily as a R-60M…

every missile excels at catching by surprise, is the sky blue?

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yes, but this one can turn better than most, and has decent range. The cynicism isn’t required. We get it, you don’t like the current implementation of the R-73. I was underwhelmed, too.

Is it me or does the r73 feels better since the fixed 82 update. Not as wobbly and proximity fuse feels more reliable.

R-73 works great, except it doesn’t.

Is Gaijin ever going to fix this crap?

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It’s not all about the missile overshooting. There is a bigger issue going on in War Thunder. Missile proximity fuses are ball broken right now. If a missile hits the target it detonates, otherwise it won’t and will just fly by like a dumb rocket.

Here is the link to that :

I really hope this is sarcasm

9M would have hit in both cases while ignoring flares

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9m is 30g can’t do insane turns if the r73 had irccm of the aim9m it be the most broken thing in the game just be happy you have one of the best ir missiles in the game with one of the best fighters in game when other nation are stuck with neither

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It’s 30G, same as the 9Ls.

The missile itself is a 9L with a better seeker.

my bad it is 30 but still my point stands

You fired on a non-afterburning target in a head-on, it’s not a bad missile at all; You used it wrong.
R-73 is meta, you just launched it wrong.

Anyone claiming R-73 is anything but the best missile alongside AIM-9M is obvious.


Thank you

9M would have hit , cope harder


Is the r73 tracking fixed finally?