Why is the matchmaking system for naval battles so unfair?

There are often matchups where one team has vehicles with higher BR while the other team does not.
Just now, I played a game using a 5.0 BR, and the highest BR in my team was only one player with 5.7 BR and another with 5.3 BR. The rest of the players were all at 5.0 BR. However, the enemy had three players with 6.0 BR. I don’t understand why the system matched the game like this.

± 1BR, very few vehicles in naval tree and not many players in queue = every other game is full uptier

I know that, but what I mean is that the system assigns all the high BR players to one team instead of evenly splitting them between the two teams, which is obviously unfair.
5.0+5.7+6.0vs5.0+6.0+6.0 is obviously fairer than 5.0+5.0+5.7vs6.0+6.0+6.0

Yeah, I agree, too many times I’ve been a light cruiser on a team of mostly light cruisers and found myself against a few heavies and maybe even a battleship and there is little we can do.

Though there are 2 things to note.

  1. someone on my team might have had a BB/Heavy in their line-up
  2. The game might not actually look at type and only BR.

But yeah, Naval needs some major TLC, because even with BR equality, the ships themselves are no where near equal. Fighting something like Scharnhorst, even in a BR 7 Battlecruiser, sucks.

I honestly think Nelson or KGV would be more balanced than Hood, QE or R vs Scharnhorst atm

Often people don’t bring their top BR vehicle for some reason - but that vehicle still counts as being that player’s BR for purposes of MM.

You have to check the player lineups, not just what they are using

I will often do this with Japanese - bringing DD’s (for their tornedoes) to an open water map instead of BB’s that I have in my lineup. I also often do it with USA 5.0 DD lineup if I get in a 6.0 open water map - I’ll bring PT boats instead of DD’s.

Yeah, probably would be

The matchmaker will put 4 players with the highest br ships on each team for the game. The players aren’t required to use that top br ship in their lineup during the game. For example If I was playing my German Bluewaters, I would primarily use my Admiral Graf Spee (5.7) and keep my Priz Eugen (6.0) as a backup for a later spawn. So I would matchmake at 6.0 but not necessarily use my 6.0.

Until the end of the game, my team didn’t have a player with a 6.0 BR.
Where can I view a player’s lineup? I’m playing Realistic Battles.

You can’t view another players lineup.

I often encounter games where several enemy use BR 6.0, but my teammates don’t have a single 6.0 BR ship until the end of the game.I don’t understand why it’s always my team like this.

It is a quite complex subject. The best way I can explain it is that people tend to keep their best ship, which is usually some sort of premium, as their last ship. Some players will use their best ship first, and other will use the ship they want to grind first. I am part of the latter group as I usually keep a spaded/premium ship that packs a good punch as a last resort. Also, 6.0 is a super popular br for naval as most of the premium cruisers are 6.0 so lower br lineups will see alot of uptiers.

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