Why is the M1 Abrams and the M1 KVT at 10.3?

The M1 Abrams has lack luster performance at 10.3. The two other tech tree option at 10.0 are better than the A1 and the M1 at 10.3. The 120S has 226mm more penetration than the A1 and the M1. The M1128 has 150mm more penetration than the A1 and M1. The event vehicle M60 AMBT at 10.0 has 211 more penetration.

The A1 and M1 have gen 1 thermals, while the 120S,M118, and AMBT have gen 2 thermals. The A1/M1 are faster than the 120S and AMBT. The armor protection of the 120S is better than the A1/M1.

The only advantage the A1/M1 has over the other 10.0 is its mobility and that doesn’t seem like enough to keep them at their current br. The 120s gets a 5 second reload time ( ace crew ), the M1128 has auto loader stuck at 7.5 seconds.

I think the A1/M1 should be reduced in Br to ether 10.0 or 9.7 just comparing it to the other 10.0’s in the lineup.


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The problem with the M1 Abrams is just M735. If it wasn’t wrongly nerfed it would be one of the better tanks as M774 is pretty decent. But the initial HEAT + M735 grind is rage inducing for sure, especially since 10.3 is uptiered to hell due to premium bullshit that is going on. I hope they give it M833 and just make M774 starting cause most other nations have 400+mm of pen and the postpen of M735 is pretty trash.

It’s basically a slightly better T95E1 round which is an 8.3 tank. They need to fix it.

9.7 would probably be way to low, considering the XM-1 is at 9.3. It would have a better round, better reload, better mobility, and smoke grenades, all of which equate to more than a 0.3 BR difference.

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M833 would move it to 10.7 or 11.0

In my opinion, it should receive the M833 and just leave it at 10.3
while also having the M774*(edit) as stock round… it would still be the worst round for its tier but wouldn’t be as bad as it is currently.

And if it’s performance just spikes like horribly good then I’m fine enough with moving it at 10.7

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T90A at 10.7 with 3bm60? and sometimes it get drafted with 10.0.

Yes,the only thing going for the T-90 at that BR is the round, otherwise its worse than any other tanks on the BR. And the UFP where idiots shoot instead of onetapping it on LFP or into breech.


T90A at 10.7 with 3bm60. and sometimes it get drafted with 11.7


If you want 30% WR for KVT and M1 aswell then give it M833 and move it up BR. By this logic 2A4 need DM33 and moving to 10.0 as its WR is worse.
Or should we give TURMS ahistorical 3BM46 and move it to 9.7?


M1 Abrams (in general) could be the fourth best tank in-game.

Until ground doesn’t receive any decompression, Abrams will stand in 10.3, imagine leaving this to fight against early cold wars on 9.0.

Abrams has good mobility but mediocre round, but still a some kind of troll armor vehicle, sometimes you shoot in a spot and it creates 0 spalling, and if your crew is Aced - boom! 5,0s reload.

If you compare with M1128, it’s a wheeled vehicle, I really don’t like them just because of its maneuverability, you can’t move much in urban maps like Advance to the Rhine in certain areas, I would be ok moving it to 10.3 as well, M900 isn’t a bad round, actually a very good round but I’m also fine with it on 10.0, isn’t spammed and isn’t hard to kill, just a few 30mm salvos and destroyed.

M60AMBT is a M60, what do you expect? It’s slow, no protection at all, the only thing that makes it to 10.0 is the KE-W shell.

But NEVER M1 Abrams should be 10.0 or 9.7, you’re on crack at this point, even if the ground BR wasn’t compressed, they could stay at this BR while other few vehicles move it and make it “good” as you want.

The only thing I see here is you wanting to suggest it as a meta for 10.3.


Why exactly do you feel the need to insult me? I put my opinion on the forum from my experience with the vehicles, you can disagree with what i’m saying, but there is really no reason for your to insult me like that.

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The ERA on T-series tanks really helps their survivability and the low profile as well. Most people can shoot at Abrams and have no problem disabling the turret ring + gun 70-80% of the time. While that’s a bit harder on T-80-90’s without directly hitting the breach. In terms of mobility though, it for sure goes to the Abrams.

From everything on that statement you only point the only part where I refer myself to you in personal?

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How does K1 offering only CE protection helping with survivalability. Sure K5 on 80UD or then 80U/BVM then yes. But not on the TURMS/T-64B,72A

I honestly enjoyed the fully spaced M1 experience. Its quite a good machine, and very potent at any role if you know how to play it. However, yes the top pen of the wrongly nerfed shell can be quite sad in some situations. (Uptiers especially).

Use the reload and mobility to your advantage, and try to use a good turret angle so your bad cheek and good cheek are both protected against DM23 120mm and DM33 105mm.

(Also turret armor fix when gaijin? Tired of light-Autocannons/IFVs and 2S38s being able to one shot or disable me through the damn thing!)

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Well since that is the part where you decided to insult me, and the rest of the statements i made were about you insulting me… yes that would be the reason i put that part in.

K1 on 10.0 is equivalent to nothing as it only protect against 5mm of KE.


I know, but Admiral doesnt.