Why is the Ho-Ri is still in game

And give me an actuall reason and not just: “Because japan dosnt have any other to fill them in”
The coelian has been removed, even tho there was more of the coelian than of the Ho-Ri.

  • Ho-Ri was only a wooden mockup
  • Coelian the hulls already existed and the guns aswell only the turret was missing and represented by a mockup turret.
    No reason for the Ho-Ri to be in game / a reason for the coelian to be availiable again for those that dont have it.

Ho-ri wasnt even a wooden mockup its design is entirely fictional as made up by MaiWaffentrager years ago he had faked japanese archival documents and photoshopped pictures to make it look like a real design and gave it the name of type 5 tank gun “Ho-Ri” gaijin apparently fell for this and added it to the game and its been here since they did say a few years ago that it would be eventually removed along with the R2Y2 which are also entirely fictional but there’s nothing to replace them


Are you referring to this image?

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Yeah thats not the real ho-ri

This is.
the only thing ever produced related to the ho-ri was the 105mm gun everything else including that design you posted is fabricated by maiwaffentrager it never existed im suprised most people have just forgot about the maiwaffentrager stuff and him making up fake designs

Reminder that anything you see in the past posted by maiwaffentrager is a complete lie

Here he was trying to say the Chi-To saw service in manchuria


I may be wrong, but this is the so called “Ho-ri II”? With the JagdTiger construction style of the casemate on the middle of the chassis?

This one:


“Ho-ri II” is the only ho-ri there was never a ho-ri I being that fake mockup you posted

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I’m not a expert in Japanese armor during this period, but, as much I can say, the Chi-he was the peak.

I know there was vehicles like the Chi-To and Chi-Nu using the same cannon (Chi-Nu II). In that period the army and the navy was fighting for attention and I can say with certain doubt that the navy won this kind of attention from the empire.

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Didn’t know about this. Is nice to know, really.

In a certain way, in gameplay aspects, the Ho-Ri, the faked one, can be better in urban maps, but the Ho-Ri, supposedly (because I don’t know about Japanese armor as I said) have a beaultiful design.

Design > Capability, lol.

Pretty much. The late war Japanese, like the Germans, had all sorts of dreams n’ plans for stuff that they didn’t have the resources to build. Plus what they did actually manage to build was mothered for the invasion of the mainland that never happened.
I rationalize/retcon the Ho-Ri’s existence as a post war SPG, part of their first reconstituted AFV production. Otherwise… yeah. Its fictional garbage.

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Both Ho-ri should ideally just be replaced with the actual ho-ri and something else for the premium one

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There isnt even an issue doing that, they did it with the original premium that was there before the cv90105 i believe

That is the reason given by gaijin. It will be removed when they find a replacement, same with the R2Y2s.

They have literally said they WILL remove it once they can find a replacement. Unfortunately the list of vehicles that could be 7.3 for japan is very very small.

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Insert other Asian nation sub-trees here.


Yeah, thailand may come soon and that might change things. But what could thailand even bring to 7.3?

Coelian should never have been removed.


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isnt this one? https://i.imgur.com/eaJoAe7.png

When an alternative is found that can replace it then it will be removed for the tree. To clarify in the past I found some historical documents for orders and parts acquisitions from the factory for the construction of a Ho ri prototype. This indicates one was being built but the resources are few.

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Neither of those existed. The “Ho-Ri I & II” were never intended nor produced or existed at all.