Why is the Gepard the same BR as the Chieftain Marksman?

the Gepard is just better, its faster, the turret travserse is much faster, what is the reason they are the same BR?

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No eye deer

It also has TWS, can’t forget that.

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Same armament and the radar is just as useless

Only the Pantsir has TWS. The gepard has a seperate search and tracking radar


Yeah, that’s what I meant, it can (in an essence), track (using one radar), and search (using a separate radar), simultaneously.

The real question is - why is the Swedish one only 0.4 BR higher than either of those? Even though it’s literally a Leopard 2A4 hull. At 8.7.

TWS stands for track while scan and only applies when both operations are being done bt a single radar set. While the pantsir does have a dedicated search radar its tracking radar operates as a high frequency TWS lock

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I see, TWS, I thought it was “Track While Search,” no?

Probably because having a decent hull means shit all to a SPAA, especially one with a paper turret

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Paper turret, both crew vital to the survival and operation of the tank sit there, behind highly volatile 25mm ammo. I know this game is full of dumb-shits, but you gotta be extra special to aim for the Hull on any marksman/gepard. The reason it’s higher is simply because of its heightened mobility of the MTU-873 engine.

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Identical guns, and both radar tracking…
Also turret traverse is identical at 53 degrees per second stock.

exactly it’s the 2A4 weakspot as an SPAA

the chassis ain’t gonna help when you get shot in the turret

Meanwhile only one BR below you have the awful Shilka…

Other than it being roughly twice as fast as the Chieftain chassis. And far more mobile in general. (Which in itself is a factor of survivability as you can get to critical areas faster without getting shot).

And you WILL get shot in the hull at some point, by chance.

Itpsv, Type 87, and Gepard seem reasonable to be at the same BR as one another. The Itpsv’s chieftain marksman turret is much wider than the the Gepard’s or Type 87’s, so it makes it much easier to hit, and it also makes half the ammunition useless against ground targets (unless they’re very far away or completely side-on), as well as having 500 rounds instead of the Gepard’s / Type 87’s 680. In return, it gets a mobile and armoured hull.
The Chieftain marksman (in the British Tech tree) should really be 8.3, since I agree that it is definitely just a worse Itpsv.


No, is definitely, “Track While Scan”. I was curious if there was any design for a dual radar array TWS system but the designation is unfortunately reserved for a single radar system I guess. I was curious lol.

What else should I call a radar that only provides accurate lead against targets flying at constant speed?

works just fine for me