Why is the G-LYNX 10.0

It has ATAS missiles

If you can’t dodge a stinger that’s a huge skill issue

Yes this comment would be logical if I was in a jet at the time.

Thank you for your comment please feel free to waste further people’s lives with unnecessary words.

There are reasons for it to go up in BR, but stinger is not one of them. An example is just the lack of AAs capable of destroying it at longer ranges.

The ability to destroy any other helicopter it faces with impunity also it can’t be targeted by SPAA

Can we move it up then

Take an aircraft, profit. Stingers are useless against them. Anything with IR missiles can kill you with impunity if you don’t have flares, not only the G-Lynx.

Regular SAM SPAA can’t fly above tree top level

Wait until he learns of chinese ty 90

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To sell premiums