Why is the entire M113 family of vehicles no longer amphibious?

Anyone drive their M113 into the water like usual and discover that it sinks like a rock? I can’t find a changelog saying this was done and no explanation has been provided.

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Because It was stated it needed extra preparations for it go amphibious and other equipment.

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So the usual random nitpicking of features to implement based on whatever they feel like then.


They stated wrong, the only “preparations” needed to float an M113 is to turn on the bilge pumps and extend the trim vane. Two variants in game (M163 and CM25) also include flotation skirts to enhance buoyancy and stability, but those don’t float either. I find it very odd how nit-picky and vague Gaijin has been with the changes to this entire family of vehicles when other amphibious vehicles like the BMP required very similar procedures and haven’t been addressed at all


Handwave something about “game balance”…

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